Recently, a well-renowned security company known as Palo Alto has revealed more than 100 Android applications on Google Play Store that were actually infected with Windows malware. Sounds pretty weird right, but it’s true that Windows malware infected Android apps.

132 Android Apps On Google Play Were Infected With Windows Malware

It’s not unusual for new ways for users to get attacked in Android. These new viruses and malware are almost always outside the Play Store, taking advantage of users.

But something unusual seems to have happened, having discovered 132 Android applications that were infected, but with the malware that was actually created for Windows operating system.

This is one of the strangest cases of infections detected in the Play Store, the app store for Android. The applications were discovered by the security company known as Palo Alto who shows that all the infected applications actually contained the malicious code that a few years ago went to infect Windows computers.

Of course, this little impact of code had on Android devices, limiting itself to secretly opening some iframes that pointed to two well-known domains and used for the spread of malware.

However, the tech giant Google was immediately alerted to this breakthrough and immediately took away the apps from their app store, ensuring that these apps were no longer installed.

Then the security company Palo Alto point, the programmers who created these apps may not be guilty of this attempt to attack users. Most likely, the platforms used would already be infected.

Some time ago malware was active that searched and altered the web pages present in a computer, injecting in these iframes to propagate. It should have been this way that this new infection has spread and has reached the Android applications.

This is by far a normal situation and will not have had an impact on Android users, but it reveals the simple way that malware moves from one operating system to another without any control or need for intervention.


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