5 Lesser Known Android Apps That Might Change Your Life

One of the best reason people choose Android over other mobile operating system is that this platform has the different type of tools for every particular use. Therefore, we have decided to let you know about five best apps that can improve your life.

10+ Lesser Known Android Apps That Might Change Your Life

Well, those days are gone when a phone was only used for voice communication. We are living in a generation where our smartphones are more than a powerful computer that we carry in our pocket. One of the best reason people choose Android over other mobile operating system is that this platform has the different type of tools for every particular use.

If you go through Google Play Store, then you will find a countless number of apps which makes it hard to find ones that are awesome. Therefore, we have decided to let you know about five best apps that can improve your life in a variety of ways.

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#1 Calm – Meditate, Sleep, Relax

[appbox googleplay com.calm.android]

Calm is the best app for meditation. If you are seeking to bring more clarity in your life, then CALM is the best app, the app will help you bring more clarity, joy, and peace to your daily life. This app provides meditation practices which range from 3 to 25 minutes.

#2 Mealtime

[appbox googleplay com.mealime]

Your Android device can be a dietician if you install Mealtime. This app lets users choose how much meat to eat, exclude any food you dislike. Mealtime app also lets you cook healthy meals for about 30 minutes or less.

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#3 Moves

[appbox googleplay com.protogeo.moves]

If you want to think about your life in a new way, then Moves is the best app you can install right now. This app tracks your everyday life and exercise. Users just need to carry their phones in their pocket and the app will track every move.

#4 Fast Customer

[appbox googleplay www.fastcustomer.com]

Everyone hates being put on hold while trying to connect with customer care. This is an app for those who hate waiting on a hold for customer care services. Users just need to tell the app which company they want to call and then choose the option ‘Have Someone Call Me’. That’s it whenever any agent is available, you will get the call.

#5 DollarBid

[appbox googleplay com.halcyonmobile.dollarbird]

This app is for those who want to track and forecast their money as easily as adding events to a calendar! The app is basically a money handling tool which will help you to find out when you have to spend your money and on what? You can even set future payment options and get reminders for monthly bills.

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#6 Wakie

[appbox googleplay com.wakie.android]

Ask questions, get answers, give advice, help others and meet new people. Socialize when bored, express feelings through voice calls. Wakie, the social app for phone calls, is great for all of that. Wakie will dial you into a phone call with someone interested in responding to your topic.

#7 SafeTrek

[appbox googleplay com.safetrekapp.safetrek]

SafeTrek enables you to be proactive about your safety by bridging the gap between doing nothing and calling 911 in a potentially unsafe situation. If you are in an unsafe situation, you just need to hold down the SafeTrek button and with that, you can connect with police.

#8 Tab

[appbox googleplay com.bring10.tab]

Tab is the simple way to split a bill among friends. Snap a pic of the check and tap your items to claim them. Tax and tip are calculated for you. No more back-of-the-napkin algebra or typing in prices by hand!

#9 Splitwise

[appbox googleplay com.Splitwise.SplitwiseMobile]

Use Splitwise to split household bills with roommates, to figure out costs for a group vacation, or just to remember when a friend spots you for lunch. This is an awesome app which relives tensions regarding splitting the bills.

#10 Happier

[appbox googleplay com.happier.android]

Happier is basically an Android app that combines the concept of gratitude journal with the community. Which makes it easy to work out on your current problems. This app motivates users to save and track the happy moments of their life.

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#11 RunPee

[appbox googleplay air.RunPee]

Suppose you are watching a movie at the theater, and you got a nature calls. So, in this case, you got no option apart from just relieving yourself. In this scenario, RunPee plays a handy role.

RunPee shows you the portions of the movies that are skippable or not so important. So, that means, you can relive yourself without missing anything important.

#12 Pzizz

[appbox googleplay com.pzizz.android]

There are many people who face a hard time to sleep at night. Some of us even have insomnia which is a condition in which people face persistent problems while falling and staying asleep.

Pzizz is one of those extraordinary apps which uses the science of psychoacoustics. The app allows users to play sleep-optimized series of music and sound effects that changes each night. The app is very effective and if you want to sleep better, Pzizz could be the best choice.

#13 WikiMed

[appbox googleplay org.kiwix.kiwixcustomwikimed]

Well, WikiMed is one of the best medical apps which everyone should have on their Android smartphone or tablet. It’s one of the largest collection of health-related articles which covers various content on medications, diseases and how to overcome them.

So, these are the five best apps which you need to use if you need to kick-start a new habit. These apps will also help you make the most of your time. Hope you like the post, share it with your friends too.


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