Android Devices constitute about 75% of the total smartphones worldwide. However, it has been hit by many viruses and some viruses are breaching the data by various means.

Android Devices Hit By Virus That Can Erase Everything

There is a new form malware called Mazar Bot which is striking smartphones at rapid rate and Android users are being warned about this malware. This malware gives the attackers full administrative rights to detect and control almost every feature of the smartphone.

According to Researchers at Heimdal Security, this malware is still active and is spreading at alarming rate. The malware is usually carried via SMS/MMS message that once clicked can prove to be disastrous, like it will put the device into sleep mode, sending malicious messages, illegally accessing the Internet, and can erase everything from the smartphones.

Although there are numerous Android Viruses but Mazar Bot targets users directly with a message. However, this virus is not present in third party apps.

Mazar Bot Malware
Mazar Bot Malware

Once this malware strikes the device, it secretly downloads Tor that permits it to connect anonymously to the web. Also, it has the ability to install Polipo Proxy Application which allows the malware creator to attack and control the internet traffic passing via the device.

Security Expert, Andra Zaharia stated that this virus could also result in MITM (Man in the Middle) attacks which are usually used to steal vital details like email logins, banking details or social media information.

Security experts suggest that the persons behind this malware are Russian. However it is not clear whether the operator of the virus is Russian or not. Researchers from Recorded Security claim that this malware was first advertised on a Russian Language “Dark Web Hosted Website”.

Although it is not clear whether this virus is of Russian origin but this malware is coded in such a way so that it will not work on Russian Devices.

“Our team was not surprised to observe that the malware cannot be installed on smartphones running Android with the Russian language option,” said Zaharia. “Mazar Bot will check the phone to identify the victim’s country and this will stop the malicious APK if the targeted phone turns out to be owned by a Russian user.”

How to protect yourself from this Malware ?

It is clear that this virus doesn’t come with third party apps, it directly comes with text message. So you must take some steps in order to protect yourself for becoming the victim of this virus.

  1. Do not click on links present in SMS or MMS message on your device.
  2. Do not allow apps from unknown sources other than Google Play in your device, for this head to Settings –> Security and turn off this option.
  3. Install a reputed Antivirus in your device.
  4. Do not connect to unsecured or unknown WiFi Networks.
  5. Also, install a VPN (Virtual Private Network) on your device and use it more frequently.

So, this is all about the virus which is spreading at a rapid rate and tends to remove your all data and anonymously access your web. You need to take the security measures mentioned above in order to protect yourself from this virus.

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