Today in this article I will present you a data which will definitely shock you, as if you notice then a day-to-day basis, mobile platforms will outpace desktop-bound systems. Due to which soon Android may become the world’s most popular OS.

Soon Android Will Become World’s Most Popular Operating System

Nowadays if we notice then on a day-to-day basis, mobile platforms will outpace desktop-bound systems. According to the StatCounter data, this day seems to be almost up, and the battle is between Android and Windows, where Windows takes the minimal advantage worldwide.

How many days does Android need to get over Windows?

Times change and in the area of technology it is very visible. The age of mobility has been responsible for several changes in the world of computing, and as proof of this, we are reaching a stage where the number of Android devices on the Internet will outperform those with Windows operating system.

As we can see from the following graph, the presence of Windows devices on the Internet, worldwide, is coming down. In the case of Android, since the end of 2013, growth has been significant. Also note the fact that five years ago (in January 2012), Windows led 82%.

By October 2016 the total number of smartphones and tablets with Internet access had surpassed the group of notebooks and desktops. For now, the difference from Android to Windows is minimal, and soon Android will indeed surpass the operating system of the tech giant Microsoft.

The research arm of StatCounter, the independent web analytics company, finds that in February 2017, while Windows remained top of the world, Internet usage market share with 38.6%, Android came within striking distance at 37.4% which is really a rapid growth.


In North America, and according to February data, Windows continues to dominate with 40.7% followed by iOS with 24.9% and Android with 20.3%. While in Europe the scenario is similar, where Windows has a share of 51.8%, which is simply twice Android (23.5%). However in Asia Android is the leading operating system with 51.8%, compared to 29.8% for Windows.

And in India?

Statcounter India
Statcounter India

Still according to StatCounter data, in India Android leads with 61.97% followed by the Windows with 19.64%. While if we notice then it is clearly visible that iOS and MacOS are the least used, even they are not visible as well.

So, what do you think about the future of Android OS? Simply share your views and thoughts in the comment section below.


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