Recently the hacktivist group Anonymous created a Party of Humanity known as the “The Humanity Party (THumP)” intended to safeguard the future of peace for the entire world population.

Anonymous Creates A New Political Party “The Humanity Party

As we all know that Anonymous is a loosely associated international network of activist and hacktivist entities. Recently the hacktivist group Anonymous presented a Party known as “The Humanity Party (THumP)”, a political project that seeks to reshape the international system and unite all mankind under the banner of peace.

This hacktivist group Anonymous wants to spread their new ideas and ensure the basic needs of the population without using “the tactics of fear and intimidation” that “Governments often use”.

Though the hacktivist group Anonymous has been a loosely associated group of hackers and activists without any strictly defined philosophy. But, thanks to the legal constitution of Thump in the United States profound purpose which may “represent 100% of humanity” says the voice of the video detailing the three backbones of the new party “The Humanity Party (THumP)”.

However, the THumP press release says that “The Humanity party’s” mission is to encourage a new constitution to guarantee the protection of human rights and to ensure the five essential needs of Life: “Free healthy food and water, Safe housing, primary clothing, Public Education, and Healthcare”.

Hence, the Thump aims to establish “a plan of unification between capitalist and socialist currents” to “ensure these basic rights”.

Finally, it will now promote “the promotion of peace and unity through free education and common sense” and recalls that the major religions of the world “have been, are and remain the cause of all social ills”.

Anonymous knows that this match will help support other global policy initiatives but, it may replace their autonomous groups which are already formed. In addition, this group has denied that its policy doesn’t require any funding campaign or donations since they just want to get support through the media and social networks.


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