The hacktivist group Anonymous has shocked everyone by calling its latest leak a ‘trap’. Many of us might be waiting eagerly for the next move of the hacktivist group Anonymous against the member of Republican Donald Trump.

Anonymous declared a total war against the member of Republican, Donald Trump, and also asked the hackers to participate in this movement.

Anonymous Hackers Fooled Donald Trump And FBI

On Friday, The hacktivist group Anonymous announced that they had published or leaked Donald Trump’s personal information online, such as his cell phone number, Social Security number, etc.

The presidential candidate of, Republican Donald Trump, reacted as if something criminal had happened, and even the Secret Service and FBI started an investigation. The hacktivist group Anonymous adds, “Now we have realised that the billionaire Donald Trump fell right into the tactic”.

However, the information had not been hacked or leaked. Everything Anonymous published had been online and available for anyone to see for years.

So, Anonymous RedCult has published a video to explain that this information hasn’t been hacked.

The narrator said, “The government and law enforcement authorities are seeking the arrest of the people responsible for attempting to illegally hack Mr. Trump’s accounts and telephone information.”

The Anonymous RedCult has also included news coverage, which reports as if it was some serious crime.

The video continues
“Trump want[s] to turn America into a fascist dictatorship where anyone can be arrested for just posting old information online.”

Donald Trump indiscriminately or blindly aims his hatred of the press, protesters, activists, and anyone who disagrees with his twisted vision for the future. Still, it appears that the hacktivist group Anonymous may have demonstrated a vital point by directing this little experiment that everyone pondered.

“Thank you, Trump and Trump campaign. Thank you, police, FBI, and the Secret Service, for being a part of our little experiment on how we should expect the so-called New America will be.”


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