As we all know that a few days back an iPhone 7 Plus allegedly exploded in the box and still got delivered to the buyer, but, now a new report arises from the China in which it seems to be aiming to another iPhone with a faulty battery with picture proofs.

Another Case Of iPhone 7 Exploding Reported

The battery problems are not new to Apple, but also among the high-end smartphones, and most recently has been faced by the Samsung Galaxy Note 7. But what is new about this problem? the new thing about this problem is being repeated even in newly released iPhone 7 also, and it is still a bit early to delve into the subject, but already there has been a drive with the defective battery. Media around the world have spoken to Apple regarding this issue.

However, the photos which are actually published  clearly showing an iPhone 7 with a defective battery, but at first look, it looks like the device didn’t actually catch fire, but suffered from a different problem.

Another iPhone 7 Explodes
Another iPhone 7 Explodes

iPhone 7 is in question, as the iPhone 7 has been running social networks around the world this weekend. In the picture, you can see that it is completely deformed because of the battery, inflamed, which has forced to yield to the front of the finished glass equipment, and this time more powerful glue has been used by the company on their boards because of the water and dust resistance.

Another iPhone 7 Explodes
Another iPhone 7 Explodes

So far Apple has released only one unit with this problem, but evidently not ruled out that it may be a relatively widespread problem, affecting other devices as well.

What we have, only an iPhone 7 swollen battery and deformed body. It means with this swollen and deformed body nobody could imagine to use it, as in that situation it poses a high-risk. Batteries can be deformed like this, and reach a point of instability which can explode or simply burst into flames.

Anyway, it is not known if the original charger is used or not, and under what circumstances this iPhone 7 has reached to be this way. At the moment, and as usual, Apple has not issued an official statement regarding this issue.

Is there any reason for concern on the part of users?

No, but apparently seen in recent days, we always ignore, but, always we should use official accessories for battery charging device, and on the other hand, we should always avoid using our device while it is charging.

Is it a good idea to charge it at night while we are sleeping?

Generally yes it would be, but preventively it is always advisable to have it ‘under surveillance’.