We all know very well that in recent years we are seeing how ransomware, a type of malware most commonly used by hackers or hackers is becoming an easy medium to loot users. Hence, to combat it the tech giant Microsoft just introduced Anti Ransomware feature in Windows 10 with fall creators update.

Microsoft Just Introduced Anti-Ransomware Feature In Windows 10 With Fall Creators Update

In recent years we are seeing how ransomware, a type of malware most commonly used by hackers or hackers is becoming an easy medium to loot users. Not only that even nowadays it is used as much as that a true industry around this type of malware has been created.

Recall that the ransomware is responsible for infecting our computer and once it has been installed on it, encrypts all the files on the disk to later request the victim a reward or ransom for the rescue of their data.

This reward is usually the payment of a quantity of money, most commonly attackers take the ransom in Bitcoins, but it does not always guarantee to recover 100% of our data. However, now the tech giant Microsoft is aware of this and with the arrival of Windows 10 Fall Creators Update, it has incorporated a new feature that helps users to protect themselves from ransomware.

The function in question is called Controlled Access to Folders and as we have said, we will only find it in Windows 10 Fall Creators Update. In addition, by default, it is deactivated, so if we want to protect ourselves a bit more from ransomware since we can count on other security tools that have this type of protection, we must activate it as soon as possible.

How to enable Controlled Access to Folders in Windows 10 Fall Creators update to protect you from ransomware?

To Activate Controlled Access to Folders, the first thing we have to do is open the Windows Defender Security Center, something we can do just by entering this name in the Cortana search box and once there, we select the option Virus protection and threats.

Next, within the Virus and Threat Protection Settings, we must go to the new Controlled Access to Folders setting and slide the switch to the ON position.

So, by activating this new security feature, the tech giant Microsoft’s Windows security tool will protect our files and folders from unauthorized changes that attempt to make malicious applications.

Basically, it tries to avoid that any malware, or rather a ransomware, that has managed to stay in our system, can not encrypt our data and prevent it from having access to them.

It is a feature in Windows 10 Fall Creators Update and as everyone knows, it is fully compatible with other security tools that we may have installed on our computer. All security is small and therefore, it is recommended to follow these simple steps to activate the Controlled Access to Folders in our system to help protect against ransomware.

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