Apple iOS 16 Will Let Users Report Spam Messages

Apple has announced the operating system update iOS 16, but it has not yet reached to everyone. The new iOS 16 is yet in the beta versions available for developers.

iOS 16 is bringing many new features; the company announced it at the WWDC 2022 event. The launch will happen sometime in late 2022.

Earlier this week, the latest developer iOS 16 beta 2 was rolled out. According to the latest reports, Apple is going to add the option “Report Junk” in the Message app. It will allow users to report spam messages.

Apple Is Expected To Roll Out iOS 16 To Everyone This Fall

Apple iOS 16 Will Let Users Report Spam Messages

According to MacRumors, soon, the junk SMS messages will be included in the reporting feature of iOS 16. The iOS 16 will roll out to the public next month.

However, this “Report Junk” option in the Messages app will first be available for US users. In the messages app, the new option is under the Unknown Senders category.

The new feature will help users report spam messages but will work with selected carriers only. Things might change in the future as there’s no clarity on that.

At present, it is not known when the feature will be available for Indian users. Apple is improving its message filter system. As with iOS 14, the app got a few categories to separate SMS from known and unknown users.

Users have an option to use third-party SMS filters with the help of Truecaller. One can enable it from Settings >> Messages >> Unknown and Spam >> SMS Filtering.

There will be a new subcategory for ‘transactions’ and ‘promotions’ to filter spam SMS. The transactions category includes Finance, Reminders, Orders, Health, Public Services, Weather, Carrier, Rewards, and Others; the Promotions category includes Offers, Coupons, and Others.

The users who report the SMS messages as junk will be sending the number and context of the text to Apple and the device’s carrier. Usually, if you want to report unwanted texts to a phone carrier, users need to forward the whole message to a found digit number. But with this update in iOS, this step will be reduced.

Once the user reports the messages, the number will not be blocked, so you will have to block that particular number manually.

Report Junk option was earlier available for iMessage. However, it only reported to Apple only for iMessages. But the new option covers all the SMS/MMS messages that can be reported as Spam.


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