New images of the iPhone 7 have surfaced on the Internet, originally coming from the Nowhere Else website. The new image states that iPhone 7 rear panel will be flat without a bulged camera, which the current Apple flagship phones are sporting, like iPhone 6S.

Apple iPhone 7’s Image Leaked reveals new design and camera

Moreover, iPhone 7 will also eliminate antenna lines present in iPhone 6 and later iPhones. According to the leaked image, the Antenna Bands will still be at the bottom of the iPhone 7.

The antenna bands present in iPhones are believed to help network signals enter the iPhone’s aluminum bodies.

iPhone 7 Leaked Image

The image also points out about camera design; it shows the camera will be bigger in iPhone 7 and will not be bulged out as seen in iPhone 6/6S.

According to rumors, Apple may come with a dual camera in its new iPhone. Experts claim that this will help take fine and brighter images and reduce the image size.

iPhone 7 May Come with Wireless Charging. You may soon be able to charge your iPhone 7 while sitting on the mat, and if you have a medium-sized room, you can easily use and charge your iPhone effectively.

Apple has renovated the camera a little bit with a great approach. An earlier report stated that Apple would use a flush rear camera this time.
Also, in iPhone 6/6S, you may have noticed that they have a little bulged camera, so Apple is going to a flush design, which many will appreciate. If Apple removes bulged cameras, it will be a distinguishable change.


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