Apple subscription service to sell iPhones

Apple has enough subscription plans for services like Apple TV, Apple Music, and  Apple One. Now, the company is reportedly working on a new subscription service through which it will sell iPhone and other hardware products.

This means the customers can pay monthly fees to buy an iPhone and iPad. The hardware subscription service is still under development. There are chances that Apple will launch this service later this year.

With this system, anyone can purchase any Apple hardware product from Apple App Store. Everything in the service will be linked to Apple ID. The option of purchasing via this service might be there on the website or the retail stores.

You Can Buy iPhone On A Monthly Subscription Service

Apple subscription service to sell iPhones

According to Bloomberg, this service would be the biggest push into recurring sales that allows users to subscribe to hardware for the first time.

This will not be similar to EMI, as it splits the full cost of a product for a specific period of time. The new Apple Subscription service will have a fixed monthly fee. Though, the fee will be different per product and will not have an interest fee.

The interesting thing is, hardware subscription services might include Apple One and Apple Care+ plans. Currently, the users pay monthly for services; the same will go for iPhone, but there will be separate fees.

According to Bloomberg reports, there will be a monthly cost and an option to upgrade to new hardware if it is released. This means you can swap the existing devices with a newly released one every year.

It will be an addition to iPhone Upgrade Program. This is available in the US, where users can pay installments for an iPhone and can also upgrade to a new one. This program has collaborated with  Citizens One Personal Loans.

Apple Subscription service to buy iPhone or iPad is still under development, so we will have to wait for further details to be announced. The service might be introduced later this year or next year.


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