We all know very well that everyone recognizes in the tech giant Apple’s equipment a high degree of quality and innovation. However, now according to the latest reports, the tech giant Apple slapped with action lawsuit over faulty MacBook and MacBook Pro keyboards.

Apple Slapped With Class Action Lawsuit Over Faulty MacBook Keyboards

Everyone recognizes in the tech giant Apple’s equipment a high degree of quality and innovation. This has been one of the values of the company since its foundation, but lately, they have proven that something is happening in the company.

To give voice to the displeasure of many users, a new court case has now arisen, accusing the tech giant Apple of having equipment problems and still continue to sell them.

This new lawsuit alleges that the tech giant Apple knew of the problems of its equipment, referring to them as “defective” and even then the company continued to sell them.

MacBook Keyboard Problems

Specifically refers to the keyboards of the MacBook and MacBook Pro, with the new butterfly system, which have presented several problems.

The problems focus on the impossibility of these being used when they have crumbs, dust or other dirt present and are also difficult to clean.

So far the tech giant Apple has solved the problems with replacing these keyboards for free when the computers are still under warranty. Out of warranty, the repair can be around $700.

Complaints from Apple users

There are already many complaints that have accumulated on this problem, many of them from 2015, which are the basis for the process that has now been brought to court.

In addition to the complaints that have arisen, there are several petitions for the tech giant Apple to admit the problem and, mainly, to solve it definitively.

The lawsuit repeatedly claims that the tech giant Apple “promoted and sold laptops that it knew to be defective because they contained a keyboard that would certainly fail prematurely,” and selling those computers not only directly to their customers but also to third parties constitutes which is a breach of good faith.

What the complainants are seeking in this case

Plaintiffs seek compensation, attorney’s fees and require the tech giant Apple to admit the failure of their equipment and to cover all costs to repair or replace defective computers.

The tech giant Apple has refused to comment on this problem and this process, showing that it will probably not address the problem voluntarily. It remains to know the outcome of this process and how it will affect the posture of the company.

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