Lockdown Mode to Protect iPhone Users From Spyware

Apple has unveiled a new security feature, “Lockdown Mode,” to protect iPhone users from spyware. On Wednesday, the feature was announced for iOS 16, iPadOS 16, and macOS Ventura.

This security feature is designed to protect the small number of users who might be at risk of highly targeted cyberattacks from private companies. The companies developing spyware include activists, government employees, and journalists.

The Lockdown mode feature is optional protection for the users. Apart from this, Apple also provided details on the $10 million cybersecurity grant. It will expand the research and discoverability of spyware.

New Security Feature LockDown Mode On iOS 16, iPadOS 16, & macOS Ventura

Lockdown Mode to Protect iPhone Users From Spyware

Currently, the Lockdown Mode feature is available in the third beta version of iOS 16, iPadOS 16, and macOS Ventura. Later this year, it will be available to all users with the software updates.

However, the feature is turned off by default. One can enable it from the System Settings app or in the Privacy & Security section of Settings.

After you turn on Lockdown Mode, you can turn it off whenever you want. Disabling or enabling Lockdown Mode asks to restart the device and enter the device password.

If the feature is enabled, it provides an extreme level of security. As it has limited or disabled the functionality of features, apps, and websites.

The Cupertino tech giant will keep adding new protections to Lockdown mode. In the Security Bounty program, apple added a new category to reward researchers. Whoever bypasses the Lockdown Mode and helps to improve its protections will be rewarded of up to a $2 million.

The head of security engineering from Apple, Ivan Krstic, said in a press release, “Lockdown Mode is a groundbreaking capability that reflects our unwavering commitment to protecting users from even the rarest, most sophisticated attacks. While the vast majority of users will never be the victims of highly targeted cyberattacks, we will work tirelessly to protect the small number of users who are.”


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