What if I say that soon you will be able to charge next or upcoming iPhone (iPhone 8) over Wi-Fi? Sounds crazy right, as it should be. But, it is true as the tech giant Apple patents way to charge iPhone over Wi-Fi.

Apple Patents Way To Charge iPhone Over Wi-Fi

Many interesting initiatives can be seen in the register of the United States Patent Office. Virtually all major technology companies registered their inventions there, including the tech giant Apple. This company has just registered a new and innovative patent that can change everything.

This is the wireless charge via WiFi, an invention that would be an entire revolution. However, for now, there is no guarantee that the tech giant Apple will soon launch this tech because the tech giant Apple has just registered the patent. So, it is clear that it still has a long way to go.

However, you can see in the file how the company believes this new WiFi wireless load will be. In theory, they plan to do it in several frequencies, from the most basic of between 700 and 2700 MHz to the most novel ones, the WiFi AD 60Ghz. That happening through the 5GHz WiFi AC, which is now beginning to incorporate in laptops, mobiles, and routers.

Wireless power can now be transmitted to wireless charging stations. There are quite a few high-end smartphones that have this feature and now if the next iPhone get this feature then it will be a huge change.

It is not the first time that Apple registers a patent for something that goes through their heads that could come true. In these cases manufacturers prefer to cover their backs and record the invention before another does, avoiding so-called “patent trolls.”

At the moment, users are going to have to settle for conventional products, which are not bad either. Without going further, the new MacBook Pro with Touch Bar caused a sensation for the novelty of its design. We’ll see what they get out of the top hat in Cupertino with the iPhone 8 or the next iPhone. Missing makes a bomb right now, especially after the success of the Samsung Galaxy S8.

So, what do yo think about this new feature? Simply share your views and thoughts in the comment section below.


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