Tech giant and trillion-dollar company, Apple is curious to release iOS 13 and to start testing its first update. Apple has already pushed iOS 13.1 developer beta update along with the iPadOS 13.1 betas. This is the first time Apple is releasing iOS in dev beta before releasing its base version.

Apple Unexpectedly Releases iOS 13.1 beta before Finalizing iOS 13

The iOS 13.1 update will restore automation within shortcuts. Maps will introduce its feature to share your ETA with friends. Apple has also added some addons for its other products such as volume indicator for AirPods, new HomeKit icons, and an option to remap the right mouse button to 3D touch functions.

We are still clueless why Apple is releasing a 13.1 beta before the initial release, although there are a lot of new products that Apple is going to announce on September 10, which is going to be the day Apple unveils its latest iPhone.

There are possibilities that Apple will launch TV+, Apple Arcade, and new iPads. Maybe, the reason behind iOS 13.1 beta is that Apple wants to make sure that the software is working fine with the latest gadgets that it will be releasing in the coming month.

Developer Curtis Herbert says that Apple releasing iOS 13.1 beta makes sense as Apple had faced several embarrassing moments due to the critical software bugs and critical vulnerabilities. However, these vulnerabilities were fixed in the meantime.

There are only a couple of weeks left for Apple to announce the upcoming model of iPhone and other series of products that is the Apple TV, iPad and much more.


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