Apple has added a new feature in iOS 9.3, a beta version currently available for developers for more upgradation.

Apple has revealed all programs to add new features in iOS 9.3, and though it looks like that could bring little in the beginning, it seems to be another new feature that everyone (especially students and risers) is interested in adding. This new feature is called “night shift,” It changes the color temperature based on the time of day display and location of the iPhone or iPad.

The point is that the screenless blue lights cast our eyes, the origin of what many researchers believe are several sleep problems and what can happen if you use that screen facing the night. Thus, it appears that the use of the iPhone could cause certain sleep disorders, and Apple wants to take action to prevent this continue.

Apple Releases its New Version of iOS 9.3 Beta For Developers

Apple Releases its New Version of iOS 9.3 Beta For Developers

Amazon added a similar feature to its Fire tablet last month, and changing the screen’s color temperature has been a very popular feature in many gadgets of all kinds. It has also a popular Mac tool called F.lux, known and used by many users.

IOS 9.3 is for developers, who can log in to develop as likely to do alterations in the latest program.

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Apple Releases its New Version of iOS 9.3 Beta For Developers

In fact, F.lux had a version of the app on iOS, but Apple decided to remove the application by using private APIs last month. When Apple closed F.lux for iOS, many speculated that it was because they themselves would bring an internal app, iOS, and it seems they were finally right.

Along with this night shift, Apple will also add private notes that allow you to send notes and hidden messages unless you want to open them with Touch ID. Apple has also won recommendations news for each user and also has some can-play improvements. In addition, the app of Health will receive a new main menu. All these improvements go hand in hand with the new educational apps that Apple is adding to the platform (probably just to compete with success in this section of Chrome OS).

iOS 9.3 is still a public beta, and you can join from here. However, we must always bear in mind that the beta versions include many mistakes, so it’s not a good idea to install a user regulate.