We all know removal of the iCloud service Activation Lock from the Apple’s page was not explained as it was used for hacking.

Apple Removes Activation Lock, Likely Used For Hacking

The removal of the iCloud service Activation Lock from the Apple’s page was not explained and many did not understand the action of the Cupertino company, but this has a reason for being.

This lock status check was used by many at the time of purchase of a used iPhone or iPad. However, this was also a step that allowed to be used to unlock stolen iPhones and iPads.

Using iCloud Activation Lock allowed potential buyers of used Apple devices to see if they were locked or free from any Apple IDs.

But Apple decided from one moment to the next, without giving any justification, simply removed this service, asking users to verify the lock manually.

There is a reason for removing iCloud Activation Lock

Many have been speculating on this decision, not least because there is no official statement. However, the most formidable explanation is the suspicion that iCloud Activation Lock would be used to validate serial numbers of equipment that were stolen and altered, thus no longer being blocked and protected by iOS Activation Lock.

The process is already known and validates the many suspicions, see the video:-

According to information, the role of iCloud Activation Lock in this process would be to validate the serial number applied to the equipment, ensuring that it would indeed be new and not associated with any equipment.

A bug triggered by iCloud Activation Lock

If this is true, it may explain a bug that has affected Apple ID and iPhone for several months now. Several users have complained that when they register their new equipment or make a new configuration after a restore, they can not do so because the equipment is already associated with another Apple ID.

This theory, even if it still lacks confirmation from Apple, seems plausible. Apple has not yet reported whether iCloud Activation Lock will return in a more secure form or have disappeared forever, leaving users dependent on themselves to validate the devices they are buying.


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