Did you know that the company led by Tim Cook is well known as Apple, and the Cupertino giant Apple has recently registered a patent which shows a screen with integrated fingerprint reader technology that the Apple could use for iPhone 8.

Apple Patent Shows A Screen With Integrated Fingerprint Reader

The tech giant Apple is one of the pioneering companies in the segment of smartphones. Their phones have been the source of inspiration for the designs of their competitors and have set the standard of regarding benefits.

Not only that even it was the first company to launch a mobile phone with touch screen back in the year 2007. As a few months ago we also reported that the tech giant Apple has patented the design of what looks like a “foldable iPhone,” a style of device that looked dated. So, it is assumable and visible that how it always continues to reinvent itself.

However, recently, the Office of Patent US and Trademark Office (USPTO) has issued a patent from Apple called “interactive screen with infrared diodes.” Discovered by AppleInsider, the document shows a technology that would allow fingerprints to be recognized with just a touch of the screen, without the need for an extra button.

Image Credit: AppleInsider
Image Credit: AppleInsider

The idea was originally recorded by a company called LuxVue in 2014, but the company was acquired by the tech giant Apple itself, which eventually inherited the patent that year.

According to the patent, the screen could be equipped with LEDs to emit colors (and thus form an image), and also with infrared diodes to sense the light, responsible for detecting and reading the fingerprints of the user.

Rumors have it that it is also planning to kill the iPhone Home button completely. If the fingerprint reader is integrated with the screen, then it will not be alone: as the South Korean giant, LG also started working on a biometric sensor that could be under the display glass.


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