Recently, the Cupertino giant Apple filed a lawsuit against the chipmaker Qualcomm for inflating the prices of its components.

Apple Sues Qualcomm For Blackmailing

Qualcomm is possibly the first company that comes to mind when it comes to smartphone processors. This preponderance of market can cost it greatly.

Recently, Apple filed a lawsuit against Qualcomm for inflating the prices of its components. Apple claims a billion dollars for being a victim of practices considered “anti-competitive.”

Apple is claiming $1 billion in compensation from Qualcomm for inflating basic patent prices. As broadcast by Reuters yesterday 20 January, the American company of Cupertino put a lawsuit in US District Court, claiming the value of one billion dollars to Qualcomm.

This process follows another one, applied by the US government, for “anti-competitive” practices by the company, to maintain its monopoly of processors.

In particular, this is the position of Apple that speaks of an “overload” in the prices of its chips and the refusal by Qualcomm to pay billions of dollars in discounts, an amount that had been agreed by the parties. On this subject, the semiconductor company has not yet pronounced.

In addition, the Apple added in its statement that:-

“As if that were not enough, Qualcomm tried to manipulate Apple in order to change its responses and provide false information to the KFTC (Korea Fair Trade Commission) in exchange for the promise of payments … which Apple obviously refused”.

The bad practices do not stop here! Apple itself complains that when Qualcomm sold its material, it did it at substantially more expensive prices than it did with other customers, as well as the bad publicity that the chip making company made of iPhones with Intel processors.

This is yet another process to add to Qualcomm’s long history, which recently, last December, was fined $854 million by the KFTC. By 2015, for example, the company had also been accused by the European Union and CFC of the United States.

Perhaps all this bragging is about Apple’s decision to put their Intel processors on their devices as early as next July.


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