Apple announced that it will now accept broken iPhones as a trade in from those wishing to upgrade. If your iPhone is banged you can easily upgrade to new iPhone.

Earlier, Apple provided credit to iPhone users only if the device had unbroken screen and working buttons. Apple aims that with more flexibility, more and more people will upgrade to new iPhones. However, this scheme can availed by those users who are having iPhone 5 and later models.

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Apple To now Accept your Broken iPhones for Trade In

A company spokesman said Friday that Apple will start accepting broken iPhones.

Apple’s change in its trade in policy will be beneficial to those iPhone users who are fed up with their damaged iPhones, fearing the cost they have spent in order to repair it. However, users with damaged iPhones can also avail this upgrade instead of repairing it. It will help them to save money via Trade In.

This scheme can be availed by the consumers owning iPhone 5, 6 and 6 Plus models that are purchased from Apple’s Retail Stores. However, users who have bought iPhones online cannot avail this scheme.

Now the question arises? How much credit will you receive, if you opt for Trade In. It mainly depends on the extent of damage. According to 9to5Mac, The Plan apples to iPhones with damaged displays, cameras and buttons within reason. Unnamed Sources told 9to5Mac that, The Trade in Values for an iPhone 5S is $50, $150 for iPhone 6 and $200 for iPhone 6 Plus.

This scheme will be beneficial for those users having dead iPhones and which are of no use to them. Instead of repairing that damaged iPhone you can easily opt for Trade in Values in order to get better credit for your iPhone. We hope that you loved this article, feel free to share this with your friends.