Recently, the Co-Founder of the tech giant Apple has just created an Internet-based training platform for the people who want to graduate with the intention of applying for job offers related to the technology industry.

Apple’s Co-Founder Just Launched An Online University

Steve Wozniak, the tech giant Apple’s co-founder with Steve Jobs, has just created Woz U – an Internet-based training platform for people who want to graduate with the intention of applying for job offers related to the technology industry.

Woz U, the educational platform of Steve Wozniak

Steve Wozniak (known as Woz) is a key piece in the creation and history of Apple, along with Steve Jobs, and in the mid-seventies created the computers Apple I and Apple II. But after his departure from the Cupertino company, he has had many initiatives, some of them related to philanthropy.

Now, with Woz U, he wants to provide many people with a “new approach” Internet training platform for people interested in applying for jobs related to the technology industry. As VentureBeat emphasizes, this platform will be – in principle – totally “online”.

In effect, its curriculum will focus on training tools for IT specialists and software developers or programmers (.Net, JavaScript, Ruby, Java, and Python), but with the intention of expanding into other areas such as security computing, mobile application development, and Big Data.

According to Wozniak, the objective of this platform is to provide fundamental tools for those who have the desire to acquire computer skills, such as programming, and do not have to make large investments in the teaching process.

It is important to note that Woz also has stated the intention to create a physical space that will materialize this platform, but later, he said. For now, the platform is nothing more than a mobile application where you can take an aptitude test and select people with the “best fit” technology career.

Finally, as highlighted by CNET, the program will not be free, and as the source was able to know, tuition will vary according to the curriculum and certainly will not be as expensive as a university or an educational platform with high tariffs.

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