10 Android Apps To Find Clothes By Picture in 2022

We are pretty sure that once in a while, you might have come across outfits or garments that you would love to have. Maybe you have seen the clothes while scrolling through social media, flipping through a magazine. At that time, you might have wished for a Shazam-like service for identifying the clothes.

Well, having a Shazam-like service for identifying clothes is not a dream anymore as there are plenty of apps available on the Play Store that can do that for free. Well, Android is always known for its massive app ecosystem and apps to identify clothes on the platform.

In this article, we will share with you a list of the best Android apps that could help you find clothes by pictures. With these apps, you can quickly identify a cute dress or cool shows that you have seen on the internet or came across in public. So, let’s explore the list.

List of 10 Best Apps To Find Clothes By Picture

It’s worth noting that there are plenty of third-party Android apps available out there to identify clothes. But, not all of them are trustworthy and accurate. So, let’s check out.

1) ImageSearchMan


ImageSearchMan is a free Android app that you can get from the Google Play Store. With ImageSearchMan, you can search images by keywords or image file. Although the app is not designed to find clothes by picture, you can still use it for that purpose.

After finding the picture, you can share it with other apps, download images, set it as wallpaper, etc.

2) Shnap


Shnap is an Android app that lets you find clothes by picture. You just need to click the Shnap button while hovering over any image or item, and Shnap will match the image and provide all store locations where you can buy that item.

The app is designed only for finding clothes by pictures, and it won’t work with other items. The only drawback of Shnap is that it has many bugs.

3) Google Lens

Google Lens

Google’s Lens is an image recognition app that can help you identify not just clothes, but also accessories, computers, electronics, etc. Google Lens comes built-in on most modern Android smartphones.

Still, if your phone doesn’t have the Google Lens feature, then you can always download it from the Google Play Store. To identify clothes, just bring the clothes into the viewfinder’s frame, and it will instantly show you the shopping page to purchase the item.

4) CamFind


Well, CamFind is one of the best and top-rated Android apps that acts as a mobile visual search engine.

With CamFind, you can easily search for anything on your mobile device just by clicking a picture. You won’t believe it, but CamFind can easily identify things like clothes, accessories, electronics, etc.

5) Amazon Shopping

Amazon Shopping

Amazon’s Android app also got a visual search engine known as ‘StyleSnap’ which can easily identify clothes. It asks users to upload a picture of the outfit to search for it on the platform.

However, Stylesnap results are only limited to Amazon itself. That means it can only identify items that are available in the Amazon store.

6) Pinterest Lens

Pinterest Lens

Pinterest Lens is another best visual search tool that you can consider. The ultimate motto of Pinterest Lens is to show relevant and similar images.

The search results often include shopping links for the matched products, but shopping links are rare on the platform. Still, Pinterest Lens could be the best option to diversify your shopping options.



ASOS is a British fashion retailer, and it also got an app. The latest version of ASOS got the ability to find your next outfit with a picture.

The reverse image search option of ASOS is quite straightforward to use and it automatically fetches styles that most resemble the one you are looking for. But, again, the image search option of ASOS is limited to the only ASOS retail shop.

8) Fashn.me


Fashn.me is a relatively new Android app. The app calls itself the best fashion search engine and recommendation engine. The app shows fashion products from more than 35+ Indian e-commerce store that covers over 1500+ brands.

You can use it to purchase fashion items directly. If you talk about the Vishal search feature, Fashn.me does have a visual search engine that lets you find visually similar dresses/outfits using the reverse search technique.

9) Photo Sherlock

Photo Sherlock

Photo Sherlock is a simple to use Android app that allows you to search by images taken from a camera or your Gallery.

Compared to other apps, Photo Sherlock is easy to use. It uses the Google and Yandex search engine to search for similar images. Apart from clothes, Photo Sherlock can be used to reverse search any photos.

10) Search By Image

Search By Image

Search By Image is pretty much similar to the Reverse image search app that had been listed just above this one.

With Search By Image, you can now find similar pictures using multiple reverse image search engines like Yandex, Google, Bing, etc. The app is straightforward to use, and it also has support for a camera to capture the image.

So, these are the ten best Android apps that can be used to find clothes by pictures. If you know of any other such apps, let us know in the comment box below. I hope this article helped you! Please share it with your friends also.


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