The messages might not be needed to read and therefore you may feel like stopping all those random notifications that arise and hence disturbs you. Hence auto mute these group chats notifications before they get annoying.

[dropcap]Y[/dropcap]ou might be familiar with the group chats that is available on various social media networks like Facebook, WhatsApp etc and you all know that in group chats the various participants or the added members can respond to any of the message and because of that sometimes there could be a situation when you start getting number of messages from the groups. In most of the social media’s like that which all have group chat feature, there is also a mute function available through which the notifications can be muted for some time. This type of feature is to be switched manually that could prove to be a hassle everytime you want to mute or unmute the chat notification, to solve this problem there is a type of method through which the auto mute function can be induced in the group chats and your device will mute every time you get large number of notifications and will also unmute by itself. To know about the method just read the article given below.

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Auto-Mute Group Chat Notifications Before They Get Annoying

You should be using any of device with Android 5.0 or above as for lower versions this method won’t work. So have a look on simple steps discussed below to proceed.

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Steps To Auto-Mute Group Chat Notifications Before They Get Annoying:

1. The very first thing that you will need to do is install the app named Multifiber from the Google Play store on your Android device. Just download it and pass out the permissions and then install it.

2. On the first launch of this app, you will be asked to grant some permissions that you will have to give up by pressing the “OK” button. Now on the following screen, you will see some options with slide buttons to enable/disable the corresponding features, enable the Multifiber from there and press up the Allow option when you will be prompted with some message.

Auto-Mute Group Chat Notifications Before They Get Annoying
Auto-Mute Group Chat Notifications Before They Get Annoying

3. Now go back to the Multifiber App by pressing the back button from the navigation buttons of your device. By default, this app has settings in which it would mute your notifications after beeping for a message and all other won’t beep for an interval.

4. Set up the desired behaviour of the app to mute the notifications from the various settings inside the app like time interval for muted group chat, a regular number of messages after which group will mute etc. After all your settings, you will have to check the box with the option saying “check to activate” and then you can exit the app.

Auto-Mute Group Chat Notifications Before They Get Annoying
Auto-Mute Group Chat Notifications Before They Get Annoying

5. This app will work in the background even if it is not open and will mute the group chats whenever it will behave according to the settings you have set for the app. You will now receive up to the messages like regularly you get with default notifications but if the messages exceed the time interval you have set in the Multifiber app then the notifications will be muted.

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This was the method by which you can easily set your device in such a way that it automatically mutes the notifications whenever you tend to get a number of messages simultaneously from any group chat. Get on to the method and apply it to your device too to get up the benefits!