Barack Obama VS Donald Trump: What Does IBM Watson Think?
Barack Obama VS Donald Trump: What Does IBM Watson Think?

Recently, the artificial intelligence system IBM Watson compared the Barack Obama and Donald Trump’s Inauguration Speech which is presented in the form of an infographic.

Barack Obama VS Donald Trump: What Does IBM Watson Think?

The social networks have not stopped sharing and comparing images of the inauguration ceremony of the Democrat in 2009 with that of the tycoon in 2017. Decide it yourself

While Donald Trump was preparing to take his oath as president of the United States, Twitter has pulled the newspaper library. In the social network, several users have shared images comparing the public that came to witness the inauguration of Barack Obama in 2009 with which he was present today in the ceremony of Trump. The conclusion seemed unanimous, as today it seems to have fewer people than eight years ago.

Although the National Park Service will not announce the number of people who went to see the inauguration of Donald Trump, social networks are disseminating photographs of the event which show that this year’s attendance was lower compared to the recorded In 2009 during the swearing-in of Barack Obama as we told earlier.

However, after Donald Trump’s inauguration speech the artificially intelligent computer system IBM’s Watson was given the assignment of examining the Donald Trump’s speech with the former President of USA, Barack Obama from 2009 and as an outcome, it rendered an infographic. Guess what the result will perplex you.

So, now let’s have a look at the infographic compile the verdicts of the study done by the artificially intelligent computer system IBM’s Watson:-

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