Here is a bell that is working from past 176 years and no one knows why! The bell’s power source also holds the Guinness World Records for the “world’s most durable battery.”

This Battery Has Lasted 176 Years And No One Knows How

Well, Physics is crazy as it is wide-ranging. Well, it might try to explain everything this world has, some things are just unexplainable. There is a bell that is working from past 176 years and guess what? No one knows why!

The battery in the bell was installed in the year 1840 at the University of Oxford has been ringing nonstop from past 176 years. This belly left all the researchers and experts awestruck

According to Oxford University, the bell’s clapper oscillates back and forth is what making the bell to ring constantly, it has rung almost 10 billion times. Well, let me tell you the bell is being powered by a single battery that was installed way back in 1840.

Image Source: Youtube
Image Source: Youtube

The bell was started by instrument makers Watkin and Hill, with a handwritten note reading “set up in 1840”. There are high chances that the bell was started just as an experiment purpose. The bell’s power source is already in the Guinness book of world record winning the title of “world’s most durable battery”

We all know that the Dry pile is one of the first electric batteries which simply uses the alternating discs of zinc, sulfur, silver and some other materials. However, the main thing is that the scientists have not yet managed to find out the exact composition of the battery, except the outer sulfur coating which actually seals the electrolyte. As the researchers are scared of opening the bell to know more about the battery, simply because, it can ruin the bell experiment

Well as we already mentioned that from more than 175 years the bell is ringing so the voltage left in the battery is very low. In each oscillation, the bell uses 1 nanoAmp current. Have a look at the video of the miracle bell:

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