Best Battery Widgets for Android in 2022

Back in 2016, battery widgets for Android used to be a big thing as they showed the battery percentage on the home screen. However, things have changed now, and most Android devices arriving these days display the battery percentage straight in the Status bar.

Although these days, people don’t need a battery app or widget to see the battery percentage, there are still a fair number of users who finds battery widgets very useful. Battery widgets show the battery status (in percentage) on the home screen and improve the look of your device.

10 Best Battery Widgets for Android

As of now, there are hundreds of battery widgets available for Android, and some of them are good. Hence, this article will list some of the best battery widgets for Android devices. Almost all widgets are available on the Google Play Store and offer some customization options. Let’s get started.

1. Ampere


Ampere is an app that measures and shows you your battery’s charging and discharging current. The free version doesn’t offer widgets, but you can purchase the premium version to unlock widgets, battery notifications, low battery alerts, and more.

While using Ampere’s premium version, users get to add widgets on the home screen that show whether or not the phone is charging, discharging, or complete. Apart from that, the widgets also show the battery percentage.

2. Battery Widget Reborn

Battery Widget Reborn

Battery Widget Reborn is a good-looking battery widget that you can have on your Android smartphone. The widget app brings a circle battery level indicator on your home screen and perfectly fits the Android design.

Even though Battery Widget Reborn is designed for lower Android versions, it works fine even on the latest Android 12. The battery widget shows the battery percentage, power summary, WiFi/Bluetooth settings, etc.

3. Gauge Battery Widget

Gauge Battery Widget

If you are searching for a stunning widget app for your Android device, look no other than Gauge Battery Widget. Gauge Battery Widget brings an analog clock widget for your device that looks different from the ordinary one.

The app for Android provides three different widget size options – Small, Medium, and large. Each of the widgets has high-quality graphics.

Other than that, the Gauge Battery Widget also has a few customization options. For example, you get the option to configure the colors, show the battery temperature, etc.

4. Battery Monitor Widget

Battery Monitor Widget

Battery Monitor Widget is possibly the oldest battery widget app on the list, and it’s fully compatible with the latest Android 12. The app offers a wide range of widget graphics such as a car fuel gauge, neon gauge, etc.

Each of the app’s widgets shows the battery health, remaining battery life, temperature, and your time since the last boot.

5. Chronus Information Widgets

Chronus Information Widgets

Chronus Information Widgets is a full-fledged widget app that brings widgets for various purposes. For example, you will find widgets for displaying battery life, time, calendar events, to-do list, etc., on your home screen.

It also has a premium version that offers even more widgets such as Forecast, Stocks, Feedly, Twitter, Reddit, etc. Every widget is customizable and is available in different size options.

6. GSam Battery Monitor

GSam Battery Monitor

GSam Battery Monitor is a full-fledged battery monitoring app available on the Google Play Store. With GSam Battery Monitor, you will be able to figure out why your phone’s battery is draining so quickly.

If we talk about the widgets, GSam Battery Monitor offers a widget that shows you the battery status and time remaining. The widget is available in multiple sizes, and you can place it on your Android’s home screen.

7. Battery Widget

Battery Widget

Battery Widget is for those who prefer simplicity over complexity. The app brings a lightweight & simple widget that shows you the battery level and temperature. The battery widget is designed to consume fewer resources while running in the background.

The app offers you a battery widget in two size options – 1×1 and 2×1; both widgets look and function the same. You can even tap on the widget on your home screen to find more battery information.

8. Simple Battery Widget

Simple Battery Widget

As the app’s name says, Simple Battery Widget is an extremely simple and lightweight battery widget that you can have on your home screen. The widget app needs less than 2MB of size for installation, and it shows the available battery level on the home screen.

When you tap on the widget, it opens a separate panel that lists other information about the battery, such as the charging status, temperature, battery discharge time, and more.

9. Energy Bar

Energy Bar

Energy Bar is not a battery widget; it’s a tool that helps you visualize the battery level in the status bar. Once installed, the app adds an energy bar at the top of your screen, indicating the current battery level.

The color of the energy bar changes and the bar itself decreases as your phone loses battery life. So, it’s not a battery widget, but it’s something that can help you uniquely visualize the battery life.

10. KWGT Kustom Widget Maker

KWGT Kustom Widget Maker

If you are not satisfied with any battery widget app listed in the article and want to create your own, you need to start using the KWGT Kustom Widget Maker. KWGT Kustom Widget Maker can help you create custom home screen widgets for almost everything.

KWGT Kustom Widget Maker offers you 1000+ free widget templates, unique fonts, colors, sizes, and effects to create your widget. You also get different shapes, gradients, touch actions, and more that you can use while creating your custom battery widget.

Although widgets aren’t the most important thing, people still use them for customization. Almost all widgets are free to download & use, and all of them provide some customization options. So, these are some of the best battery widgets that you can use on your Android smartphone.


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