Learn how to Become MIUI 9 Beta Tester using the simple official app of MIUI that will let you join the team. Snd with this you can test the things of MIUI. So have a look at complete guide discussed below to proceed.

[dropcap]T[/dropcap]ill now Xiaomi has released the 8 version of the MIUI that is the particular and unique interface for the smartphone devices based on the Android platform. Since this is the software developed by the Xiaomi so it is not available on the other devices and no one can even install it on the other platforms too. After the long wait, the Xiaomi is being noted to develop the 9th version of this incredible user interface, and it has already outsourced the beta testing version for this newest version. The company has made it open for any of the users of Xiaomi devices enabled for the usage of the MIUI 9 beta version but they can only get it under some policies and circumstances. The reason is that the beta version is only supposed for the testing by the users rather than the actual playing of it, so if anyone has the potential to test this MIUI 9 then they can go for it and then start to test it. For that, they need to follow some sort of information through which the MIUI 9 can be downloaded from their device. Here in this article, we have just decrypted the whole process of installation of MIUI 9 and the methods of testing it. If you are really keen to support the growth of the company so that they can push out the tremendous results officially then you must be willing to connect to the testing mode, just read this full article and hence know about the method of doing so!

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How to Become MIUI 9 Beta Tester (How to-Guide)

The method is quite simple and easy and you just need to follow the simple step by step guide discussed below to proceed.

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Steps to Become MIUI 9 Beta Tester:

#1 First of all download the app named Xiaomi MIUI Forum, you can easily get this app from the Google App store or you can also install it from the third party sources. Note that installation of this app will not require any kind of complex actions to be performed but you can really easily grasp it just through simple clicks. Once if you have installed this app on your device follow the article to know the rest of the steps to become a MIUI 9 tester.

Become MIUI 9 Beta Tester
Become MIUI 9 Beta Tester

#2 Being the MIUI Forum app opened you have to look for the Profile icon that will be generally placed in the top left corner of the app. Inside the profile screen, you will get the option for making up the new account or either get logged to the pre-existing account. Just do one of the actions and define that you are actually a member of this app service.

Become MIUI 9 Beta Tester
Become MIUI 9 Beta Tester

#3 Going inside the home page of this app after logging in to your account you will need to tap on the Recruitment option.This big option cannot be denied or override by anyone as this is a huge icon with the perspective designation. On the next page that you reach after login you will be asked to choose the device model that you own or on which you have installed the app. The MIUI 9 beta is only supported by about 49 Xiaomi devices so you need to check whether if your device can run it. If your device is there on the list then you can be a tester unless you will be not.

Become MIUI 9 Beta Tester
Become MIUI 9 Beta Tester

#4 After your device approval through the selection from the list you need to fill the number of years you have the experience of smartphones, fill some other information and then tap the Submit option. Through this, you will be asking the Xiaomi directly for the content so that you may also be hired as a MIUI tester. They will be then responding with their answer within few days! Wish that they like your provided data and the experience.

Now after the above method, you have got the method of getting the MIUI version for the Xiaomi devices, and it is all clear that for the acceptance or the success of the method you need the approval from the Xiaomi. Wait for some time and you would get the confirmation over your email address that you have provided. In case if you get rejected then it is again simple to find that you cannot argue with the brand or the extensive developers, they just found you insecure or for some reasons, they feel you be incompatible with the beta service testing. We hope that you might have liked this article and the whole information provided here. Please try to share this article with more people so that they can also join in the beta testing of the MIUI 9. Do share your opinions regarding this all new user interface by the Xiaomi and their step of promoting the growth through the user’s indulgence!


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