Are you looking for the best camera apps for your Android smartphone or tablet? We will explore the 10 best camera apps that will help you enhance your photo clicking capabilities and go through this post to know much more about the listed apps.

Here are the Best Android Camera Apps – Now, many of us are adopting Android phones. And nowadays android substitute the digital cameras in our life. Now we generally click all the pics from our android. But many people use the stock camera app to click pictures. There are so many good apps in the play store that can better picture quality and different filters in them.

Using this app, you can use separate live filters to click pictures for a better clicking experience. These apps also implement a feature to share your pics with your friends on Facebook, Whatsapp, and other social media networks.

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10 Best Camera Apps For Android Phone in 2020

In this post, I have prepared the Best Camera Apps based on their download rankings, user reviews, user ratings, and some of my experience.

1. Paper Camera

Paper Camera

This is an awesome camera app. This app provides several different paper filters while clicking pictures. This app’s main feature is a sketch filter,s which can be either of pencil sketch or another brushed paper filter,s which can give you a better picture to share with your social media networks. You can wave your phone around and see the world change before your eyes, take pictures, and record videos using any stylish cartoon effects or apply them to your existing photos.

2. Cymera


This is also a top-rated camera app of android. This app allows you to overlay decorations to make photos more fun or free draw on images. We can alter the faces in this app. That is, we can make our face slimmer, our eyes bigger, and many much more options provided by this cool camera app.

3. Instagram


This is the most popular camera app. This app implements a feature to share the pic with your friend and followers directly. This app also provides many cool filters that can enhance your picture to a great extent. You can increase your followers how can see your daily updates pictures.

4. Flickr


This app is actually from the website Flickr, and it is very popular as a photo-sharing app worldwide. Now coming with a terabyte of storage, it is popular amongst intensive photographers to store photos to the cloud and provide a photo manipulation level that includes 16 different filters.

5. Camera ZOOM FX

Camera ZOOM FX

This is another Best Android Camera App. In this app, if you download add-ons, over 90 can be added to Camera ZOOM FX, including Frames, Props, Composites, and more Compositions, which can give a better-capturing experience.

6. Google Camera


This is the camera app developed by Google and is released this year. This app provides many features like editing, filters, and sharing, etc. This app is highly rated, but some of the app features will work according to your phone.

7. Open Camera

Open Camera

This is one of my favorite cameras as it is an open-source app. This app provides features like zoom and focus modes, face detection, auto-stabilization, and some more basic stuff like ISO, White Balance, and exposure lock.

8. Hd Camera Ultra

 Hd Camera Ultra

This is also a good camera app and is having very positive user ratings. This can give you a better picture capturing the experience, and it also has the feature of disabling the shutter sound of the camera if your device supports it.

9. DSLR Camera Pro

DSLR Camera Pro

This is a paid camera app in Google Play Store. This capturing of this app is based on the Digital DSLR cameras as it focuses on a single object and can blur the background to have enhanced picture focuses.

10. Camera 360 Ultimate

Camera 360 Ultimate

This is not the so popular app, but it is one of the best as it is freely available on Google Play Store and has many effects and Filters for clicking better pictures.

So Above are the Best Android Camera App. By using this camera app, you will unquestionably forget your default stock camera app. These apps give you a satisfying clicking experience, and you will feel like a professional photographer and can click perfect pictures of yours and the all-around the world.



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