Best Applications For Student
Best Applications For Student

[dropcap]I[/dropcap]n the tech giant Google’s most used mobile operating system, of course, Android there are tons of possibilities. Hence, today in this article we will present an awesome list in which we will show you all the top 15 best applications for Student.

15 Best Applications For Student

Just after a long holiday generally new tasks get started, however, sometimes the first weeks in the university or school are somehow more relaxed, but, soon they begin to rain individual workloads which simply increase the fear of exams.

As for many students, this type of situations become quite difficult to handle, especially for those who enroll in many subjects simply to take credits or to finish the syllabus without stretching it during another course.

Hence, organizing everything can be a very difficult task, but today we have tools that will simply help you to manage all your tasks, and your mobile devices are one of the best ways to do so (both mobile and the tablet). So, now without wasting much time let’s get started and simply explore the list of those awesome apps that will simply help you to manage your tasks.

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Microsoft Office Lens – PDF Scanner

The applications to scan documents are one of the most essential tools in the smartphone or tablet of any student and in this case, we have chosen the tech giant Microsoft’s well-known Office Lens. As with this application you can simply convert any paper document or even the blackboard with the teacher’s notes into a Word, Powerpoint or PDF file just by taking a picture of it. Moreover, the tech giant Microsoft’s Office Lens also improves the images simply by eliminating the shadows and reflections simply to make it as readable as possible.


GoConqr, a well-known application that offers a complete set of tools for students ranging from mental maps, tests to test your skills, different resources and also has a more social spirit that simply allows you to connect with students and teachers from around the world in their learning groups. And not only that even it also has a desktop version that simply allows you to access to some of its functions offline as well.

SimpleMind Free – Intuitive Mind Mapping

We all know very well that mind mapping is very useful, as they simply help to organize the phases of a project before starting, like, as they serve to remember elements or simply to put our ideas in order. With the predefined designs, you can simply create different graphics that are very helpful in the day to day life of a student.

EasyBib: Citation Generator

The bibliography is an important section in any class work, but creating one and doing it correctly can be a real trouble. But, with EasyBib it is much easier to generate bibliographies for your works since it assures you that all the data will be correct. As the Citations can be easily generated from the search engine or by scanning the barcode of the book directly with the smartphone camera only.


Mathway is one of the well-known and good option to solve all your problems regarding mathematics and science step by step. As this awesome and well-known application simply covers areas such as algebra, trigonometry, statistics, and chemistry.


TED is a complete platform for conferences and talks by experts on different topics and, in addition to having the desktop version, it is also available in app format as well, hence, it is in our list. While the well-known science application, of course, TED offers more than 2,000 talks videos that were organized by topic and category, and not only that even they can be downloaded to watch offline or play streaming.

Scribd – Reading Subscription

Scribd is a good option as a hobby for the most fans of reading, as for just $8.99 per month you can simply access all kinds of books, audiobooks, and comics at one place that simply cover a wide range of topics including educational books and essays as well.


WolframAlpha is basically a powerful search engine that can simply find the answer to virtually any question. As it covers topics like music, culture, and television, to solutions to mathematical problems, statistics generator and much more.


Trello is one of the most interesting task organizing applications that are available in the market, especially for its interface. If you are working on a project with Trello, you can simply define all the phases and mark the completed tasks moving them from one board to another. It also has functions for teamwork so you can assign tasks to each member and coordinate with your colleagues easily, so, isn’t it an awesome app for task management.


We said at the beginning that organizing all the subjects at the beginning of the year can be a real trouble, but remembering which class we have at each moment is not easy either. Hence, with the Timetable app, you can simply manage the schedule of all classes, that allows you to set reminders for important events such as exams or assignments as well. In addition, it automatically mutes the smartphone during the classes so that no surprise happens or appear.

Cal: Google Calendar, Calendar Widget & Tasks

If you use Any.Do, then let me clarify that Cal is the perfect complement to organize your day to day schedule and tasks. As this well-known calendar app is very easy to use thanks to its visual and intuitive interface that simply allows you to move from the weekly view to the full month with a single gesture only. Moreover, this awesome application simply allows us to synchronize with Any.Do app simply to have all your tasks in the same place. To-do list, Calendar, Reminders & Planner

There are many task management apps and Any.Do is one of the most interesting applications that simply offers a good set of options in a clean and clear interface. As it allows you to create task lists, add subtasks and mark reminders on a specific date or location, such as when you arrive at class. Like Trello, it also offers teamwork functions as well.

Inbox by Gmail

If you receive many emails then your inbox will be a real mess and you may even lose some important message due to lack of organization. If you have a Gmail account, then the tech giant Google’s Inbox is an option to consider as it is committed to provide a different and more visual structure that is more intuitive and easier to manage.

Google Drive

Google Drive is one of the most complete tools to organize all types of files, both at work and in class. Like many other tools, the tech giant Google’s well-known Google Drive simply offers cloud storage, but it also allows you to create text documents, spreadsheets or presentations from its integrated apps only.


Evernote is a very versatile application that can work as a task manager, storage for your documents and creation of very complete notes. As it simply allows you to create task lists, add reminders, attach images or documents and even record voice notes, so, it is really very practical if you do not have time to take out your pen and start taking notes.

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These applications are our best recommendations for you. Hence, as a suggestion, we recommend you to use and try some of these applications simply to find one that meets your expectations. So, what do you think about this list? Simply share all your views and thoughts in the comment section below.


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