Best Blue Light Filter or Night Mode Apps for Android 2019
Best Blue Light Filter or Night Mode Apps for Android 2019

Let’s have a look on Best Blue Light Filter or Night Mode Apps for Android that will help you to better make a screen to use at dark. So follow the below tutorial to have a look at all these apps.

Android is a mobile operating system created by Google, based on the Linux kernel and composed basically for touchscreen mobile devices, for example, Smartphone and tablets. Android’s UI is fundamentally in view of direct control, utilizing touch signals that freely relate to certifiable activities, for example, swiping, tapping and squeezing, to control on-screen objects, alongside a virtual console for content info. And let’s have a look at the guide that will help you to add a blue light filter on your Android mobile with the help of some cool apps.

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The problem with Blue Light in Android:

  • Blue light is the most grounded a portion of daylight, which is useful for our human body and mind response at daytime, and terrible for the person and organic time at evening time. The clear dangerous impact is the eye strain.
  • Aside from this angle, it can adversely influence wellbeing by stifling melatonin creation, which specifically makes rest issue. An awful still, it might add to the causation of tumor, diabetes, coronary illness, and stoutness.
  • As we are in the encompassing of full innovation, we continue spending a couple of hours on PC and other advanced gadgets.
  • PC eye issue like eye weakness, PC vision disorder has a huge association with blue light which has been discharged from those advanced gadgets (TV, PC show, iPhone, iPad, Android cell phone, Kindle, and so forth).

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Top 10 Best Blue Light Filter or Night Mode Apps for Android

Below are the apps that you will surely love to use on your Android mobile. So have a look at all these apps below.

#1 Twilight

[appbox googleplay com.urbandroid.lux]

Twilight adjusts your gadget’s show to the time by mounting a marginally red channel over the entire show to ensure your eyes.

  • It additionally permits you to physically set the shading temperature, the force of the channel and screen diminish on the show.
  • There’s additionally a choice to make profiles, with the goal that you can set custom channels for a specific time, for example, sleep time perusing or while driving once more from office.

#2 Darker (Screen Filter)

[appbox googleplay com.mlhg.screenfilter]

Darker decreases the strain on your eyes by lessening your screen’s brilliance to greatly low levels and empowering shading channels.

  • This application gives you a chance to put a flux channel of any shading on the screen.
  • You can diminish the capacitive catch lights on your telephone (gave your telephone has it) and set the splendor levels of the status bar independently.
  • It likewise has to bolster for Tasker, so you can give your telephone a chance to switch show profiles naturally, this makes for an exceptionally convincing application on the off chance that you need your eyes to remain safe.

#3 Blue Light Filter – Night Mode

[appbox googleplay com.eyefilter.nightmode.bluelightfilter]
  • This application offers different shading temperature profiles, flawlessly stacked in the opening page.
  • You can likewise set the force and the splendor levels by altering the sliders to your craving.
  • Aside from the clock choice for auto exchanging of the shading profiles, you additionally get an alternative to delaying the impact of the application for 60 seconds, in the event that you are introducing an application or accomplishing something imperative.
  • Generally speaking, it is a lightweight application that does the employment exceptionally well.

#4 Dimly – Screen Dimmer

[appbox googleplay es.richardsolano.filter]
  • Dimly is considerably less difficult than the past application on the rundown.
  • It is a light application, which won’t influence your telephone’s execution.
  • You get a moderate UI with all the essential controls in advance.
  • The in-application interface is fundamental, with settings choices for the splendor diminishing capacity.
  • Simply shake your telephone, and channel impact will be abandoned opening the application.
  • There’s an excellent variant that additionally makes it promotion free and empowers the auto to begin clock.

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#5 f.lux (preview, root-only)

[appbox googleplay com.justgetflux.flux]

 Flux application gives a lot of tweaking choices, because of the root get to.

  • You have certain lighting profiles like Ember, Candle, Incandescent and so on., which can be robotized.
  • What’s more, the best part, it can do that in view of your area, so you won’t need to empower it all alone.
  • There are a few downsides, however, one being its constrained support to Android 5.0+ and second, being restricted to gadgets from specific makers.

#6 CF.lumen

[appbox googleplay eu.chainfire.lumen]
  • Lumen is another of those light channel applications that will give you some typical channels to your screen. However, you will be astonished when you delve into its root-selective components.
  • The channels that you see through this application are really rendered by the phone.
  • The application utilizes the light sensor to naturally adjust the show according to the lighting conditions.
  • You likewise get choices for visual weakness upgrades with settings for protanopia/irregularity, deuteranopia/oddity and tritanopia/oddity, which in principle improve clarity and shading subtle element.

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#7 Night screen

[appbox googleplay com.arrowsapp.nightscreen]

The night screen main goal is to reduce the brightness of your screen lower than you can achieve with the default settings. This application applies an overlay filter that acts as a dimmer to darken the screen. It helps to avoid a headache and eye pain in a dark environment or at night.

#8 Lux Lite

[appbox googleplay com.vitocassisi.luxlite]

Lux isn’t your ordinary brightness app. It intelligently adjusts the brightness of your display based on the environment you’re in. If you step into a dimly lit room, Lux will automatically lower the brightness of your display to make it not only comfortable to read but to also preserve battery power.

#9 Dimglo

[appbox googleplay com.webreinvent.dimglo]

Looking for a brightness app to soothe your eyes from glaring luminous smartphone’s screen? If yes, the wait is over now. This app is capable to lower the brightness level and subdue blue hue. This is one of the best brightness apps you can have on your Android smartphone.

#10 Dimmer ( Night Mode )

This is a simple Android app that basically lowers the brightness with one touch. This app dims your screen to the minimum allowed brightness. The app is great for night time use and it’s one of the must-have apps for your Android.

#11 Moon

[appbox googleplay com.icedtealabs.moon]

Well, Moon is another best blue light filter or night mode apps which you can have on your Android smartphone. The app effectively reduces the blue light by adjusting the screen to natural color. So, it’s another best app which you can use to protect your eyes.

#12 Eye Care

[appbox googleplay com.wellnesslabs.eyesight]

Well, Eye care is an all-in-one app which you can use to take care of your eyes. The app consists of Eye test and exercises which can help you to enhance focus and vision clarity. The best thing about Eye Care is that it also features a blue light filter which ensures maximum relaxation of the eyes.

#13 sFilter

[appbox googleplay]

sFilter is another best app which adds Blue Light filter or Night mode on your Android smartphone. The great thing about sFilter is that it offers 12 different colors to choose from an optimized filter. The app is free to use and it doesn’t show any type of ads.

#14 Night Light Pro

[appbox googleplay com.ssr.nightlight.paid]

Night Light Pro is a premium app which helps your eyes by eliminating the blue light emitted from the smartphone’s screen. Since its a premium app, users will get plenty of options to customize the filter color, filter intensity, screen dimmer intensity, etc.

#15 Night Reading Mode

[appbox googleplay]

The name of the app explains everything. Well, the app calculates the color temperature and offers 5 different modes to reduce the blue light appropriately. The app basically adds the overlay blue light filter. So, it’s another best Android app to get the Night mode feature.

So above are the apps that are 15 Best Blue Light Filter or Night Mode Apps for Android. Use these apps and you can easily make the screen better to use at night. Hope you like the guide, keep on sharing with others too. Leave a comment below if you have any related queries with this.


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