Time to explore six of the best Chrome extensions for students. The extensions that you can add in your Google Chrome that will help you in academic tasks in your browser. So have a look on all these extensions below.

Google Chrome is the best web browser and outrages every other web browser by its features, flexibility and expandability options through the Add-ons. Now talking about the Add-ons, users can easily find out a numerous number of different types of Add-ons for their Google Chrome web browser and most of these are related to the browsing needs only, made for tweaking up the performance of various web aspects etc. This doesn’t end up to that limit only, the Chrome users can also find up so many other types of useful add-ons too and in case if the user is a student and is expecting to find the Chrome extensions related to the studying help only then also they can find it up. Now finding the best extensions for the Chrome isn’t easy from the large list therefore if you would also try to find the best extension categorized for students then you also may get confused. To help you with that, we have listed up the best possible Chrome extensions for the students in this article. Just read to know about them!

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6 of the Best Chrome Extensions for Students

Below are the some of the best Google Chrome extensions that you will surely love you if you are a student as they are going to help you in your tasks on Chrome. So have a look on all these extensions below.

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#1 Strict Workflow

Best Chrome Extensions for Students
Best Chrome Extensions for Students

If you are a student then while using the Internet on the Google Chrome web browser, you may easily get distracted by the multimedia websites, social media’s etc and all that will result in total breakage of your study session. To solve that and keep you straight forward to your studies forcefully, this extension will do everything. You will be blocked from the whole internet for the time of 25 minutes and after that, you get up the break for 5 minutes. Like this, you will not be able to get distracted very easily!

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#2 Memorize!

Best Chrome Extensions for Students
Best Chrome Extensions for Students

You can put on the questions inside this extension and then after that set up the preferred time on which these questions shall be asked by you from the extension. After setting that all, you will be prompted with the question at the time while you may be browsing the internet. This helps you to memorize the important question which you can work on every time you get up the prompt from the extension.

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#3 Readability

Best Chrome Extensions for Students
Best Chrome Extensions for Students

This extension will just clean the websites of the unnecessary content inside them like Ads, widgets, recommendations etc all and therefore give up the resulting websites with all the important material that you may need as a student. This will also decrease the data usage and fasten the transitions of web pages.

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#4 Google Dictionary

Best Chrome Extensions for Students
Best Chrome Extensions for Students

This should be a must have Google Chrome extension for the students as through using this extension, the exact dictionary meaning for any of the word on the web results could be easily found. Just double click on the word and the dictionary meaning of that word will be displayed on the screen inside the floating bubble.

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#5 My Study Life

Best Chrome Extensions for Students
Best Chrome Extensions for Students

By using this extension, the students can easily schedule their classes, assignments, tests or exams etc all in a very easy manner. This will give you the whole overview of your assignments and also you would be notified for any of your schedules through the notifications on the screen as a message and by sounds too.

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#6 Note Board

Best Chrome Extensions for Students
Best Chrome Extensions for Students

This is a quick note creating a board that appears on the screen after you click on the extension icon. Inside this note board, you can easily and quickly create the notes whenever you need to do so and after that, you can save these easily. This should be a must have an extension for the students using the Google Chrome web browser as at any time need for creating the note of some important details may be required.

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And all these add-ons or the extensions for the Google Chrome web browser are related to students category and are also the best possible one’s that you could find up for your web browser ever. You can easily install these extensions to your Chrome web browser and therefore enjoy the utmost potential from these and we assure you that you cannot find any better alternative to all these stated above!



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