Let’s admit, we all now have multiple social media accounts. Not only social media, but some of us even have multiple gaming accounts, WhatsApp account, etc. By default, Android doesn’t provide any features to manage multiple accounts on Android.

Popular apps like WhatsApp don’t provide users a ‘log out’ option. That means you need to remove your entire account to use another one. The same thing goes for Facebook Messenger and other instant messaging apps as well.

To deal with such things, App cloners were introduced. App cloners basically create a cloned version of installed apps. The cloned apps can be used to sign in with the secondary account. There are plenty of app cloners available on the Play Store that can be used to run multiple accounts of the same app simultaneously.

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List of 10 Best Clone Apps To Run Multiple Accounts On Android

In this article, we have decided to share some of the best app cloners for Android. With these apps, you can easily create a cloned version of installed apps to run multiple accounts simultaneously.

1. Parallel Space

Parallel Space

Well, Parallel Space is right now the leading app cloner available on the Play Store. The good thing about Parallel Space is that it can create a cloned version of every popular app, including Messenger, WhatsApp, Telegram, etc. What’s more important is that Parallel space lets you create multiple cloned versions of apps.

2. Dual Space

Dual Space

It’s pretty much similar to the Parallel Space application that had been listed above. Just like Parallel Space, Dual Space also creates a clone version of any installed apps. The thing that makes Dual Space different from Parallel space is its installation file and low power consumption.

3. MoChat


Well, MoChat is a little bit different compared to the other two, which have been listed in the article. MoChat allows users to clone and run multiple social & game accounts online. That means MoChat can only clone social media and instant messaging apps. Apart from that, what makes the app more interesting is that it needs just 6MB of storage to install on your Android smartphone.

4. 2Accounts


As the app’s name says, 2Accounts is one of the best Android apps that can simultaneously run two accounts of the same app. Guess what? With 2Accounts, you can also open two-game accounts for Google Play and get experience for both accounts simultaneously. So, 2Accounts is another best app cloner that you can use right now.

5. Multi Apps

Multi Apps

Well, if you are looking for a simple to use Android app to create a clone version of installed apps, then Multi Apps might be the best pick for you. With Multi Apps, you can clone and run multiple social and game accounts of the same app simultaneously. So, Multi Apps is another best app that you can use on your Android smartphone.

6. Dr.Clone


Unlike app other App cloners, Dr.Clone also allows you to sign in to two accounts of one app simultaneously. What makes Dr.Clone different is its security lock feature. The app cloner app for Android lets you lock the cloned versions of the apps with password/pattern/fingerprint lock.

7. Parallel U

Parallel U

Well, Parallel U is another best top-rated Android app cloner app on the list, creating multiple popular apps like WhatsApp, Instagram, Tinder Etc. Parallel U’s interface is also pretty amazing, and it doesn’t affect your device’s performance.

8. Multi


It is one of the best multi-account apps for Android, available on the Google Play Store. The great thing about Multi is its interface which looks clean and amazing. Multi supports most of the popular Android apps, and it also provides users a privacy locker option.

9. DO Multiple Space

DO Multiple Space

It is another best multi-account and cloner app that you can use on your Android smartphone. With DO Multiple Space, you can create and run multiple instances of the same apps simultaneously. What makes the app more interesting is that it also offers a private locker to protect your cloned apps and accounts.

10. Super Clone

Super Clone

Well, Super Clone is another great Android app that can be used to clone apps and run multiple accounts. The best thing about Super Clone is that it can clone almost all popular apps like Instagram, Clash of Clan, WhatsApp, etc. If you are searching for an Android app to switch between multiple social and game accounts, you need to pick the Super Clone.

These are some of the best app cloners for Android that you can use today. I hope this article helped you! Please share it with your friends also. If you know of any other such apps, let us know in the comment box below.


  1. Good information. But do you know parallel space not working in Android 10. It is crashing after opening. MultiParallel app looks better now.


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