Best Cydia Apps 2019, Tweaks and Sources 2019
Best Cydia Apps 2019, Tweaks and Sources 2019

Looking for the Best Cydia Apps 2019 ? There are thousands of different cydia tweaks, apps, mods and themes for a jailbroken iPhone device, some of which are pretty as well as bad. Here is the Best Cydia Apps, Tweaks and Sources 2017

[dropcap]C[/dropcap]heck out these Best Cydia Apps for iOS 11 for free of cost and compatible with iPhone. Those of you that jailbreak their iPhone do it for one main reason – to customize it in ways that Apple doesn’t allow.

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Best Cydia Apps, Tweaks and Sources 2019

If you are thinks jailbreaking iOS isn’t worth it then these tweaks hacks and apps would definitely make you rethink; Best Cydia Tweaks 2019

#1 AdBlocker

AdBlocker for jailbroken iOS devices does exactly what AdBlocker extension does on desktop web browsers. This tweak can make web experience better on iOS devices by blocking ads on Safari and third-party browsers. AdBlocker is available for $2.19.

#2 iFile

iFile, the number one file management tweak for jailbroken iOS devices just received a major update bringing a lot of new features and improvements. If you’ve got a jailbroken iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad, then you most probably have this app already installed.

#3 BytaFont 2

BytaFont 2 makes it simple for iOS 7 users to change the font of their iPhone or iPad or iPod. Users can download fonts of their choice from Cydia and apply them using this jailbreak tweak app. BytaFont 2 allows iPhone users to change fonts to all parts of the OS or at specific areas. BytaFont 2 is free in Cydia tweak and so are its fonts. It is one of the best Cydia tweaks to change the visual look of iOS 7.

#4 BatterySafe

The BatterySafe is a must have tweak for those who always run out of battery and only discover it when there device has turned off. After installed this app the iPhone automatically turns off the services that use the most power, which includes WiFi, Bluetooth and brightness when the device is running low on charge. BatterySafe is a free tweak.

#5 BiteSMS

Just like Activator the BiteSMS tweak has been around for several years and has established itself as a favorite and most popular tweak among iPhone users. It allows users to instantly reply to text messages or initiate a call without leaving the current app they are in. BiteSMS 8 with support for iOS 7 devices is available in Cydia for free. You have to add repo to get it as it is still in beta.

#6 BetrFoldr

With BetrFoldr you can remove the blurry background of folders, create nested folders and add a new pinch to close gesture to folders. BetrFoldr really makes the folders of iOS 7 better by adding basic features that should have been there by default. BetrFoldr is also free.

#7 Bigify

Bigify is a tweak that makes it possible for users to change the appearance of their home screen by apply different settings to icons. With the Bigify tweak, users can make icons bigger or smaller, rotate them to their desired angle, change their opacity as well as remove their labels. A bigify tweak is available for free.

#8 Bloard

With the Bloard tweak, iOS users can simply replace the white keyboard of iOS 7 with a better looking black one. The black keyboard looks aesthetically more pleasing especially on a black iPhone or iPad. Board is available for free in Cydia.

#9 ByPass

ByPass makes having passcode protection less painful by allowing users to skip entering their password by performing an Activator action. Users can set a secret gesture that they can perform to ByPass passcode. ByPass tweak requires Activator and is available for free.

#10 iCleaner

iCleaner is available for free in Cydia. CCleaner is a jailbreak app that makes it easier for users to remove unnecessary files from their iPhone, iPad or iPod touch thus free up space for other stuff. It deletes message attachments, Safari data, data related to tweaks apps, Cydia and more. iCleaner app deleted nearly 1GB of data on my first attempt.

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So above is the Best Cydia Apps, if you are looking for the best Cydia apps here are these best Cydia apps ever. don’t forget to share!


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