Top 10 Best Encrypted Messenger Apps for Android
Top 10 Best Encrypted Messenger Apps for Android

We love to chat with people which are sitting in another corner of the globe by sending messages to each other. Lets have a look on the 15 of the best android messaging apps that will provide peer to peer encryption and will secure your privacy, read the complete guide and download the app after reading the app description.

[dropcap]G[/dropcap]uys, you know Messenger apps are the tantrum for all of us nowadays. We can’t live without messenger apps. Usually, we use Whatsapp, Google Hangouts, Facebook Messenger etc. Even Instagram and Tumblr also provides the feature of messaging now. We love to chat with people which are sitting in another corner of the globe by sending messages to each other. We prefer to have direct communication with one another rather than emailing. So, we have decided to provide you the best list of 10 encrypted messenger apps for Android.

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Top 15 Best Encrypted Messenger Apps for Android 2019

Below are the some of the best apps that you will surely love to use and they provide you extra security with the encrypted messages. So have a look on all these apps discussed below

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#1 Whatsapp Messenger 

[appbox googleplay com.whatsapp]

Now one of the giant network Whatsapp had made their app more secure by providing the user end encryption. With the help of this feature, users can make their conversation more secure and private.

#2 Facebook Messenger

[appbox googleplay com.facebook.orca]

From the Facebook, it is another great app that now provides peer to peer encryption and millions of users are using this great app. So must try out this app on your device.


[appbox googleplay org.telegram.messenger]

Everyone wants that their conversation must not be read by the man in the middle, it must be secured fully. So we prefer to make messages encrypted which is one of the best things that comes in everyone’s mind. Telegram is considered as a no.1 app for the encryption of messages. The developers put on too many efforts to make this app a secure one. They enlighten their motive on security by constructing their mission seriously. People can synchronize data across the cloud platform and helps in file and data sharing, stickers, emoticons, video, and audio play. Consider this android app for your encrypted messages.

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[appbox googleplay org.thoughtcrime.securesms]

Signal is a fully open source powered messaging app that considers security seriously. Anyone can judge from the code that it is too much secured such that it uses open, peer-reviewed encryption protocols. You are able to send and receive messages and avoid any SMS or MMS fees. It doesn’t require to contact all of the friends to switch among themselves going through SMS route. Considering the features of this app, its all up to the mark. This messenger apps provide you all features such as attachments, audio, and video, emoticons, stickers etc. New Technology used and security protocols are the extravagant features of this app.


[appbox googleplay com.mywickr.wickr2]

This app provides you all the features as the other apps provide such as text audio and video, stickers, emoticons, and messages in a group with an encryption technology used. It enlightens with its major feature: Shredder feature. This feature provides you”shred” all traces of your private data from the app. Its security is too strong that they have 100,100 bug bounty program. It doesn’t take your personal data. It fixes security on your ID which is known only to you and to your Wickr network.

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#6 Silent Phone

[appbox googleplay com.silentcircle.silentphone]

Silent Phone provides peer-to-peer encrypted calling, secure video, messaging and file transfers, with simple zero-touch deployment for cross-platform security—Android, Silent OS and iOS. Users can securely send PDF, DOCX, MOV, MP4 and other files.

#7 Wire – Private Messenger

[appbox googleplay com.wire]

In short, if we have to describe Wire- Private Messenger then we would say that everything you send on Wire is end-to-end encrypted. Wire cannot read your messages and does not share or sell your data or contact details to anyone.

#8 Cyphr

[appbox googleplay com.goldenfrog.cyphr]

Cyphr makes encrypted messaging easy. All messages are encrypted, private and 100% yours. Generate your public and private key pair so only you can read your messages, start group conversations with friends, and share attachments privately.

#9 Viber Messenger

[appbox googleplay com.viber.voip]

Viber is your go-to free messenger, allowing you to message or call anyone in the world through your Internet connection. Viber Messenger automatically encrypts text messages, video and voice calls, photos, videos, and group chats.

#10 Silence

[appbox googleplay org.smssecure.smssecure]

Silence is an SMS/MMS application that allows you to protect your privacy while communicating with friends. Silence provides end-to-end encryption for your messages and all messages are encrypted locally, so if your phone is lost or stolen, your messages are protected.

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#11 Threema

[appbox googleplay]

Threema is the world’s favorite secure messenger and keeps your data out of the hands of hackers, corporations, and governments. Threema can be used completely anonymously, allows to make end-to-end encrypted voice calls, and offers every feature one would expect from a state-of-the-art instant messenger.

#12 Dust

[appbox googleplay com.radicalapps.cyberdust]

If you are looking for an Android app that is very easy to use and also provides safety on private calls, then you should install Dust app. The messages sent on Dust can never be recovered. The conversations are heavily encrypted and not accessible by anyone.

#13 Pryvate Now

[appbox googleplay net.pryvate]

This is one of the best instant messaging apps which you can have on your Android smartphone or tablet. The best thing about Pryvate now is that it offers world-class RSA 4096-bit encryption technology and involves NO servers or middleman for communications. The interface of the app is good and it also allows users to send self-destructing text.

#14 RokaCom

[appbox googleplay com.roka]

RokaCom provides secure voice calls along with encrypted text communications for people around the world. Now wherever you are in the world you can have private and reliable conversations. The app is easy to use and it provides secure End-To-End Encryption between callers.

#15 Voxer

[appbox googleplay com.rebelvox.voxer]

Voxer Walkie-Talkie is a free app that combines the best of Live Voice, text, photos, and videos into a powerful secure messaging tool. It allows users to send end-to-end encrypted messages so that only you and the other party on the chat can read or hear messages.

So above are the Best Encrypted Messenger Apps for Android. If you are not satisfied with the working of Signal and Telegram app, do respect this app as it provides you heavy security and makes sure to go through it in depth. And hope you like the guide, keep on sharing with others too. Leave a comment below if you have any related queries with this.


  1. In all these tops, the same messengers, as if the authors do not follow the news and just copy the lists of others, and really good messengers are bypassed. There’s not even Jabber on this list, not even going to talk about Utopia.

  2. Yes, I found my personal data privacy and security with Signal private messenger
    Thanks to Signal team, they made privacy easy


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