Well, there’s no doubt that fonts play a significant role in almost all industries. It doesn’t matter if you are into the designs, product marketing, or having your blog, fonts speak it all.

However, finding the right fonts for business or short projects can be difficult. This is due to the hundreds of free font websites available.

As we have said, there are many websites available that offer free fonts, but searching for them can be time-consuming. So, to make things a bit easier, we will share some of the best sites from where you can download fonts for free.

15 Best Free Fonts Download Websites

These sites offer plenty of free fonts. However, you must read the terms and conditions before using the fonts commercially. So, let’s explore the list of best free font download websites.

1. Fontasy


Fontasy is a website offering thousands of free fonts. Almost all fonts on the website are free and can be downloaded for personal use.

The user interface of Fontasy is very clean, categorizing fonts into 72 different styles. In addition to the categories, the site can also show you random fonts. Overall, Fontasy is a great site to download free fonts.

2. Fontfabric


Fontfabric is a site known for its premium font collection, but it also has a dedicated section for free fonts. You can explore the freebie section of Fontfabric to download fonts for free.

Although the free section of Fontfabric has limited fonts, they are of high quality and look unique. So, if you are searching for a site with a decent collection of fonts, you shouldn’t miss Fontfabric.

3. FontBundles


FontBundles is pretty much similar to the Fontfabric website that we have listed above. It is known for its premium font collection but offers a few fonts for free. The site has a dedicated Free Fonts section that offers you hundreds of fonts for free.

You can explore the free section of FontBundles and download the fonts for free. The free fonts can be used in both personal & commercial projects.

4. Google Fonts

Google Fonts

Google Fonts is one of the best and most popular sites you can visit to get a variety of fonts for free. The best thing about Google Font is that it offers fonts for over 125 languages for Photoshop.

Another great thing about Google Fonts is that all fonts you see on the web page are open-source by nature. That means you can modify them as per your wish.

5. DaFont


DaFont is another of the best websites known for its massive list of free fonts. The interface of DaFont is also pretty impressive, and it organizes the fonts as per their nature.

You can get many fonts for fancy, gothic, Halloween, horror, etc. Not only that, but DaFont also allows users to apply filters for searching the fonts.

6. FontSpace


FontSpace is another best free font sites on the list, known for its massive database. Guess what? FontSpace has over 35,000 fonts that you can use and share with others.

The fonts that you find on FontSpace are designed and submitted by designers. The interface of FontSpace is another positive thing about the site, and it’s one of the best font websites you can visit right now.

7. FontStruct


FontStruct is another best font download websites on the list, known for its high-quality fonts. The great thing about FontStruct is that it offers over 43,000 unique fonts, allowing users to create their fonts. For creating fonts, FontStruct offers a full-fledged font-building tool.

8. 1001 Fonts

1001 Fonts

1001 Fonts is another best free font download websites on the list, with over 3000 free fonts. Well, the site houses both premium and free fonts. But it has a separate panel for free commercial-use fonts.

The fonts available on 1001 Fonts are usually high-quality, and they are pretty simple to install. Apart from that, the site’s navigation makes the site stand out from the crowd.

9. Font Squirrel

Font Squirrel

Well, Font Squirrel is one of the top and best font websites available. The site has both free and commercial fonts. So, you need to check for licenses before installing any font.

However, Font Squirrel has lots of quality free fonts to offer. Apart from that, Font Squirrel is also known for its unique features like Webfont generator, Font recognizer, etc.

10. Urban Fonts

Urban Fonts

If you are looking for a free font download website with a clean UI and many unique fonts, Urban Fonts might be the best pick. The site has lots of unique free fonts to offer.

Apart from that, the site lists all fonts according to their nature. However, users need to create an account to download the fonts.

11. Behance


Well, there’s no doubt that Behance is a go-to place for every designer. The great thing about Behance is that it offers lots of free fonts. Furthermore, the free fonts are usually high quality, and you can download them for free. Not only that, but you can also add some filters to get to the free fonts.

12. Abstract fonts

Abstract fonts

Abstract Fonts is another best site on the list that provides free and premium fonts. The site looks clean, and it’s pretty easy to navigate.

The best thing about Abstract fonts is that it offers users custom font preview options. The site has around 15,000 fonts that you can download right now.

13. Neogrey


Neogrey is a portfolio of popular graphics and web designer Ivan Filipov. So, the fonts that you find on the website is his own work. Most of the fonts are made available for free download. Not only that, but you can also find lots of multi-colored vector fonts.

14. FFonts


If you are searching for a free font download website where you can download unique fonts for free, you need to visit FFonts right now. The user interface of FFonts is not the best one, but it has a large amount of varying free fonts.

15. FontShop


Well, if you are searching for the best site to try, buy, and download fonts for desktop, then FontShop might be the best pick for you.

The site has a separate section for free fonts, from which you can download fonts for free. The site also has a sale section, from which you can purchase premium fonts at affordable prices.

So, these are the best free font download websites that you can visit right now. If you know of other sites like these, let us know in the comment box below. I hope this article helped you! Please share it with your friends also.


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