Windows's best free VPN services 2023

Undoubtedly, Virtual Private Networks or VPNs are essential things that every electronic user should use. Internet-connected devices like computers, smartphones, tablets, etc., are now the prime victim of hackers, and they need that one chance to trap you.

In addition to providing anonymity, VPNs can also provide some security. Of course, you can hide your IP Address with VPNs, but VPNs are mainly used to encrypt traffic. However, many of these VPN services charge a fee.

Many internet users can’t afford premium VPN services; hence, they look for free alternatives. Now, if you search for free VPN on the internet, you will find tons of sites giving VPN services for free. However, those free VPNs can cost you a lot. So, before picking any VPN service, make sure to read this article.

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10 Best Free VPN Services For Windows 10/11

We have listed some of Windows’s best free VPN services to make things a little easier. These VPN apps are trustable, and you can use them without worrying about anything.

1. PrivadoVPN


PrivadoVPN is a free VPN app for Windows that can protect all your online data. Like every other VPN app for Windows, PrivadoVPN allows you to switch to a different server and change the IP Address.

It also encrypts your traffic to rule out trackers and hackers who are supposed to track your activities. If we talk about the pricing, PrivadoVPN provides you with 10GB of VPN data for free every month. The free account allows you to connect with only 12 cities, but it has a kill switch.

Apart from that, the free version offers faster speed, has video/audio support, and has a strict zero-log policy.

2. Atlas VPN

Atlas VPN

Atlas VPN is another excellent VPN service on the list that you can consider. Like every other VPN app, Atlas VPN has free and premium plans. The free program offers you 10GB of monthly data and can unlock almost all popular video/audio streaming sites.

The servers of Atlas VPN are well optimized and provide great download/upload speed. The only drawback of the free account is that it only allows you to connect to 3 servers.

Atlas VPN is an excellent choice for those who want tons of data and better downloading/streaming speed.

3. Surfshark

surfshark vpn image

If you are looking for a VPN, you must try Surfshark VPN. Surfshark VPN provides excellent speed and efficiently unblocks almost all major apps like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney+, and more. It provides a perfect connection so you won’t face any issues using Surfshark VPN.

4. Hotspot Shield

Hotspot Shield

Hotspot Shield has a free version that offers 500Mb of data daily. The premium one works well for some purposes, but some limitations come with country selection. Apart from that, the free version also shows ads.

You can use the free servers of Hotspot Shield to stream, browse, and download files from the internet. The premium version of the VPN has a strict no-log policy.

5. Windscribe


This is a newcomer in a VPN section, and it offers 10GB of free data every month to spend. The best thing about Windscribe is that it claims that it doesn’t store any connection logs, IP stamps, or visited sites.

However, the accessible version of Windscribe limits connection to only servers in 10 selected countries. You can use the free version without creating an account or linking credit/debit cards.

6. ProtonVPN


The great thing about ProtonVPN is that it doesn’t restrict bandwidth. That means you can use unlimited data for free.

However, the free version puts a limit on location and connected devices. With the free version, you can only connect to three areas, using it only on one device.

7. Hide. me

This is another excellent VPN app on the list that offers users 2GB of free monthly data. The data limit is not the only limitation here, as there are limits on connected devices and locations. With the free version, you can only connect to three server locations.

The free version offers many privacy features like Split Tunneling, Stealth Guard, IP Leak protection, etc.

8. TunnelBear


The great thing about TunnelBear is its interface which looks fantastic. Guess what? With the accessible version of TunnelBear, you can connect to servers in 22+ countries. Not just that, but browsing speed and security are also high.

If we talk about internet bandwidth, the accessible version of TunnelBear offers you 500MB of free data every month. 500Mb might not be enough for streaming, but it’s enough for browsing.

9. Betternet


Betternet is another best free VPN service on the list that provides users unlimited bandwidth. The user interface of the Betternet is clean and well organized.

There’s no option to select a VPN server manually on the free version. The VPN app randomly connects users to different servers.

10. Avira Phantom VPN

Avira Phantom VPN

Well, if you are searching for a VPN service to get secure, private, and unrestricted access to the internet, then you need to give Avira Phantom VPN a try.

Avira Phantom VPN is available for Mac, Android, and iOS and has a strict no-log policy. The VPN server right now has only 82 servers spread across 25 countries.

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Although not every VPN listed in the article was free, they offer a free account with limited bandwidth. So, these are some of the best free VPNs for Windows. If you know of any other free VPN services, let us know in the comments.


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