Let’s have a look at 10 Best Laptops you can Buy in 2019 that are in the market with some cool features and are with some extreme processing powers. So have a look at the list below.

Laptops are generally one of the most advanced hardware devices out there in the world. These are completely the portable versions for the fully functional desktop computers that were previously meant for performing different tasks. Since the launch of the Laptop devices, we have seen a numerous number of new laptop devices being made by the manufacturers. Every year many of the new models for the laptops are launched by the manufacturers and the users get the availability for something new to choose from. It is really difficult for the totally new user to look for the best laptop device through the list of a numerous number of models with different specs available.

We understand the buyers what actually they require, so depending on that we have done a lot of work to review and rate up to the different laptop models. Out of all the rated models of the laptops until this year we have found the best ones preferred by us.

List of 10 Best Laptops You Can Buy in 2020

1. HP Spectre 360

HP Spectre 360

The excellent, adorable, and totally justifiable design of this device is what can attract anyone towards it. If you would search for the best looking and designed laptop in the world ever till now, you would surely get this device on the top of the lists. Highly sleek and minimal design with ultimate hardware-implemented inside makes this laptop one of the brilliant laptops around on the globe. The 360-degree rotatable display attached to this device further makes it convenient for the users to utilize this device anywhere around in any situation.

2. Asus UX305LA-FB055T

Asus UX305LA-FB055T

The Asus is the maker of the finest laptops in the world. All from the small parts of the computer devices like RAM modules to the large parts like motherboards, processors, etc, Asus just qualifies as the top-rated manufacturer in each category. More often the users seek for inserting the parts in their computer devices that are built by the Asus, but you know this one laptop we listed here is completely made by the Asus. How could you even leave this solid performer with reliable built up? Think Once!

3. Apple MacBook Air 13

Apple MacBook Air 13

Macbook always makes the sense. It is all about the sharpest, lovely, and the incredible operating system that is made to run on the peak level hardware by the Apple. Everyone might be aware of the capabilities of the Mac OS and if you are not then you surely might not be living in this world. No matter what are your requirements for a laptop, the Mac would happen to provide you with all the features and functions.

4. HP Envy 14-joo8tx

HP Envy 14-joo8tx

Another great laptop from the HP, build with the same passion but it has been included with the slightly lesser hardware capabilities. Although it could be enough to beat any other laptop of a similar price range in case of performance.

5. Dell XPS 13

Dell XPS 13

If you are seeking the high end or the top-notch device that could do you even the most complex tasks with complete ease, provide you the extreme level functions or anything that you could think of is possible, then please make sure that you analyze this device once. You shall be shocked at what the Dell has to offer for you inside this package.

6. Lenovo Z51-70

Lenovo Z51-70

Lenovo focuses on making the devices that not only assist the users with the professional level functions, performance, etc but also justify the budget of the buyers. This brand just manufacturers the devices with excellent qualities and thus it sells those build laptops in the least possible price ranges. It means that you can get the highest value device from Lenovo at a much cheaper price comparatively. We prefer you to go for this laptop if you are in the demand for a highly productive laptop.

7. Asus UX305FA

Asus UX305FA

Really small but a giant in case of productivity, this small laptop has incredible powers hidden inside the case. Anyone who is looking for a cheap alternative to the big laptops and also wishes to attain all those capabilities indeed, then it should be noted that no other laptop could provide such a great performance at this price point and you should definitely go for it.

8. Asus X555LJ XX132H

Asus X555LJ XX132H

For the basic users those who sometimes need to do the moderate tasks on their laptops, Asus has this model for them. Large display with consistent performance and a good battery life all make this a huge turn for the seekers of a good laptop. No matter what kind of media you would wish to play, this laptop will dare you to throw more heavy tasks so that it could play those flawlessly.

9. Lenovo Yoga 500

Lenovo Yoga 500

Folding laptops are always a better deal than any other laptops, the reason being they are extremely flexible in any kind of usage. You can mold the laptop into a laptop and hence easily do the tasks that require touch facility. Lenovo is the brand that is known for the making of the ultimate flex laptops that could be turned around at any angle for up to 360 degrees. Moreover, this laptop is also filled with tons of amazing hardware as well as the peak level operating system.

10. Hp Pavilion 15-ab032tx

Hp Pavilion 15-ab032tx

HP is always excellent, and this particular device has made this statement all true. This peak level production brand is known by users all over the world for its productive laptops. The businesses rely on this brand for their growth. If this is not enough for you then please go and check any HP laptop out there, even the cheapest model would make you aspire to this brand quality.

After reading the above list of best laptops you have got to know about the most advanced and high-end computing devices that you could be able to buy. This year is still not over and we would be looking forward to any of the releases by the manufacturers and hence getting the really great laptops out of them. Until the time while the new laptops are not provided to the world you should look no further as we have written about the best of the best laptops of this year until this month. We hope that you might be getting the benefits out of this article or the information. Simply log on to the comments section below and write there for your opinions or suggestions regarding the post.


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