We should admit that we love some songs so much that we can’t resist singing along. However, while singing our favorite music, sometimes we forget the lyrics. This happens with literally everyone.

That’s why lyrics apps for Android exist. Since we now love to listen to music via our Android devices, lyrics apps have become essential. Lyrics are one of the vital elements of a good song. With the help of lyrics, we can understand and feel the song we love.

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List of 10 Best Lyrics Apps For Android device

Not only do Lyrics help to understand the song, but it also enhances the overall music-listening experience. Many lyrics apps are available on the Google Play Store to show you songs’ lyrics. Hence, this article will explore the list of best Android Lyrics apps that every music lover would love to have.

1. Genius


Genius is an app that hosts the world’s biggest collection of song lyrics and crowdsourced musical knowledge.

As of now, the app has lyrics of over 1.7 million songs. You can use the Genius mobile app to find annotated lyrics for almost all your favorite songs.

Other than that, Genius can also be used to find lyrics for the songs playing around you. Overall, it’s a great lyrics app that you can use on your Android.

2. Musixmatch Lyrics

Musixmatch Lyrics

Musixmatch is a full-fledged music player app available on the Google Play Store. The app provides almost everything needed to be the best music app for Android. However, the app is known for its lyrics collection.

Apart from that, MusixMatch can integrate with Soundcloud, Pandora, Google Play Music, etc., to show you the lyrics. You will find lyrics for almost every song with Musixmatch Lyrics.

3. Soundhound Music Search

Soundhound Music Search

Well, SoundHound Music Search & Play is pretty much similar to the Shazam app. It can quickly listen and identify the song playing in the background.

Once recognized, the app displays full songs and videos with real-time lyrics. One of the most useful features of this app is that it saves all the music and songs you have identified before.

4. Shazam


Shazam is probably the best music identification app available for Android. With Shazam, you can quickly identify any song within a few seconds. After identifying a song, it shows you the artist’s name, lyrics, videos, and similar playlists.

To get the song lyrics, tap on the ‘Lyrics’ button when the song screen opens. The app will show you the lyrics of the recognized song.

Besides these, Shazam can also be used to find out what’s popular in your country and get recommendations based on songs you listen to.

5. Lyrically


Lyrical.ly is not precisely a lyrics app, but it can help you find a song’s lyrics. It’s a video status maker application lets you create lyrical songs with your photos and videos.

It has a large lyrical video song library, which you can use while creating a video. It automatically shows the lyrics of the selected song, but you can’t add your song to the app.

6. Lyrics Mania

Lyrics Mania

Lyrics Mania is one of the great lyrics apps available on the Google Play Store. With Lyrics Mania, you can effortlessly search for an artist or song to get its lyrics instantly.

It also has an integrated music player that lets you listen to your favorite music and shows you the lyrics in real-time. It’s a free app, but advertisements support it.

7. Quicklyric


If you are looking for an open-source lyrics app, then Quicklyric might be your best choice. Guess what? The Quicklyric Android app can show you the lyrics of any song in just a few taps.

You also get an option to download the lyrics for offline playback. Quicklyric has a premium version that offers features like a night mode, new themes, no ads, and support for Android wear devices.

The app’s interface is pretty good, and it’s one of the fastest lyrics finder apps you can use on your Android smartphone.

8. ALSong


Are you searching for an Android app that can load lyrics automatically, then you need to give AlSong a try. It has a music player that lists all music files stored on your smartphone.

When you play any song, the app automatically displays the lyrics. However, the database of ALSong is small compared to all other apps listed in the article.

9. LyricsMint


If you live in India and love to listen to Bollywood songs, then LyricsMint might be your best pick. The great thing about LyricsMint is that it provides users with lyrics for the Latest Bollywood/Hindi Movie songs and some non-Hindi files.

Another best thing about LyricsMint is that it allows users to save lyrics for offline playback. That means even if you don’t have a working internet connection, you can use LyricsMint to access the saved lyrics.

10. Lyrics Library

Lyrics Library

As the app’s name says, Lyrics Library is an Android app meant to write, save, edit, read, and share lyrics. The great thing about Lyrics Library is that it allows users to search for lyrics online and download them.

Not just that, but you can also edit the lyrics after downloading and adding chords over your lyrics. So, Lyrics Library is another best Android Lyrics apps you can use right now.

11. GOM Audio

GOM Audio

GOM Audio is a music player app for Android that supports syncing lyrics while playing music files.

The feature allows users to search lyrics of the currently playing music. Once found, it displays the lyrics on top of the music player.

Apart from that, GOM Audio also offers other useful features like a ten band equalizer, supports audio streaming from cloud storage and FTP, etc.

12. Karaoke


Karaoke or Yokee is one of the best Android apps that lets you and your friends sing karaoke for free. The app basically lets you sing along to karaoke songs with music and lyrics.

You also get some unique audio and video effects to add uniqueness to your audio. It also has features that can enhance your voice in just a few taps.

13. Song Lyrics

Song Lyrics

Song Lyrics isn’t a very popular app on the list, but it still works great. The app lets you access millions of song lyrics for free.

The app doesn’t automatically detect the song and suggests lyrics. You can take it as a simple lyrics finder app where you must manually search the lyrics.

You also get an option to download the lyrics to your cache folder so that you can access them offline.

These are the best Android Lyrics app that every music lover would love to have. If the list misses any essential app, please drop the name in the comment box below. I hope this article helped you! Please share it with your friends also.


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