Mojave is the all-new version of the Mac operating system, and Apple has recently launched it. This interesting new upgrade of the OS consists of tons of new features and functions.

If you have just installed the new operating system on your Mac, you might be overwhelmed by the number of features. Actually, there are many features inside this OS, but few of the ultimate features should be known to everyone.

Best MAC OS Mojave Features You Should Know

Considering this, we have created this article. This article has written about the best new macOS Mojave features you must know if you are using.

1. Dark Mode

Dark Mode

MAC OS Mojave introduced a system-wide dark mode that applies the dark theme everywhere. This new color mode is very useful, especially for those who use Macs at night.

The new dark mode not only looks good but also reduces eye strain. It also saves the battery life of your Mac computer.

2. Stacking Files and Images

Stacking Files and Images

This new feature allows users to quickly arrange the files into different folders based on the format. Thus on clicking this option, all the image files on the desktop will arrange inside one folder and the PDF files in different folders, and so on.

3. Quick Look

Quick Look

Apple has done several optimizations to the quick look modes in macOS Mojave. Now, everyone can look at the video or snapshot of the file content by just hovering over the file or folder. This is the best thing that can help save a lot of time in looking after any file.

4. Screenshot


Take a screenshot of the screen or the part of the screen and save it on your device very quickly through a simple option button placed on the interface of the macOS. This makes it much easier o take screenshots without downloading any new tool.

5. Finder Tool

Finder Tool

Get the full information of the metadata to show up inside the selected file or the opened files like images, PDF, text, etc. Thus you will not require to switch to the options for finding in-depth information about the file.

6. App Store Redesigned

App Store Redesigned

The all-new design of the Mac App store is stunning, and once anyone uses it for a while, they will become a fan of it. This has become extremely easy to work with the interface and find the apps of your liking.

7. Several New Stock Apps

Several New Stock Apps

You would not require to work a lot to find the best stock apps as the MacOS has been implemented with the best quality apps. However, this is not a great difference or feature you might like, yet it is still great to have.

8. Improved Security

Improved Security

This aspect is taken seriously by the MacOS developers, and you can see many options everywhere to help you remain completely secure.

9. Siri


The performance of Siri is optimized, and there are certainly many new upgrades in various functions of Siri. Using it a lot? Now you will fall in love with its new version!

10. Other Changes

Other Changes

There have been added changes in almost all of the apps and functions of the macOS, and once you start to take a tour of every new app, this will be great to find multiple changes everywhere.

So, these are the latest features and functions of the macOS Mojave operating system. All of the information given here is written so that anyone can easily learn about the important aspects.


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