Lots of people consider ‘Hacking’ an evil and illegal thing. However, it’s not true at all. Hacking has always been a part of computing, and it’s a much broad subject than you think. An ethical hacker works to find loopholes or vulnerabilities in-network or any other protocol.

There are lots of people who are willing to learn ethical hacking. Many courses are available on the web, which can help you understand ethical hacking in a few years. If you are also willing to learn to hack, you should immediately start using the Linux distro.

10 Best Operating Systems For Hackers

This article has decided to share a list of the best Linux-based operating system that hackers use. So, let’s check out the best operating systems for hackers.

1. BackBox


If you want a Ubuntu-based open-source operating system that offers you a wide range of penetration & security testing features, try BackBox.

It is a Linux distro that offers a wide range of tools for security purposes. You can use it to analyze web apps and networks. It also includes tools to find a vulnerability, forensic analysis, and exploitation.

2. Samurai Web Testing Framework

Samurai Web Testing Framework

This one is not an actual Linux distro, but it’s a live Linux environment that comes pre-configured to perform web pen testing. It’s a very lightweight framework that contains various tools for testing websites.

The framework is open-source; hence it’s free to download & use. Samurai Web Testing Framework’s best tools are BurpSuite, Maltego CE, Nikto, RatProxy, SQLBrute, and more.

3. Kali Linux

Kali Linux

Kali Linux is the most popular distribution for digital forensics and penetration testing. You won’t believe it, but the operating system offers over 600+ penetration-testing applications.

In addition, it supports both 32-bit and 64-bit images for use with x86 machines. Kali Linux supports many development boards like BeagleBone, Odroid, CuBox, Raspberry Pi, and more.

4. Backtrack

BacktrackBacktrack is another best and most popular Linux-based operating systems for penetration testing and security research.

You won’t believe it, but the operating system provides users access to various security-related tools for port scanning, Security audit, WiFi inspection, and more. One can run Backtrack directly from the USB as it’s a portable tool and doesn’t require installation.

5. Pentoo

PentooPentoo is another best Linux-based operating systems widely used for security and penetration testing. The operating system is based on Gentoo Linux and brings a wide range of tools to support your ethical hacking process.

On the top, it’s just Gentoo Linux, but it has many customized tools that make the operating system security friendly.

6. Nodezero

NodezeroEthical hackers widely use Nodezero, an operating system based on Ubuntu. Since it uses the same Ubuntu Repository, Nodezero receives updates whenever Ubuntu gets it.

To support your penetration testing and help you with security research, Nodezero provides you with over 300+ different tools. You will find tools for every other security purpose on NodeZero.

7. Parrot-sec forensic os

Parrot-sec forensic osIt is an operating system based on Debian GNU/Linux mixed with Frozen box OS and Kali Linux to provide the best penetration and security testing experience for attackers and security testers.

It is an IT security and penetration testing operating system developed by the Frozen box Dev Team. 

8. GnackTrack

GnackTrackAfter the release of backtrack 5, this OS was developed and is now one of the best OS used for pen testing and network cracking, and it is based on a Linux distribution.

Besides that, the operating system offers numerous default apps like Opera, Firefox, Chromium, etc. GnackTrack is heavily inspired by BackTrack and brings similar tools for ethical hacking & penetration testing.

9. Bugtraq

BugtraqWell, Bugtraq is a distribution based on GNU/Linux aimed at digital forensics, penetration testing, Malware Laboratories, and GSM Forensics and is one of the best choices for attackers.

The operating system offers various forensic tools, malware testing tools, audit tools, network tools, etc.

10. DEFT Linux

DEFT LinuxDigital Evidence and Forensic Toolkit (DEFT) is an open-source distro of Linux built around the Digital Advanced Response Toolkit (DART) software.

Deft is Ubuntu customization. Computer forensics and incident response tools that DEFT Linux includes can be used by IT auditors, investigators, the military, and the police.

To learn about ethical hacking, you should start using these Linux distros. I hope this article helped you! Please share it with your friends also. Also, if you know other operating systems, let us know in the comment box below.


  1. are you serious? backtrack doesn’t exists anymore and parrot is called “Parrot Security”, not “Parrot-sec forensic os” or other crap like that

    and due to the fac5 that we are supposed to be in 2016, hav3 you effectively checked if all these distributions are still alive? is gnacktrack still downloadable? when was the last time that bugtraq received an update, but just only the presence of backtrack is sufficient to underline the quality of this article

  2. Kali and parrot are good long with the black arch Linux but the rest haven’t had support for years! this list Is BS. (I’m not sure if this has been posted twice sorry)


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