10 Best Sites To Watch Free TV Shows Online
10 Best Sites To Watch Free TV Shows Online

Those days are long gone when we relied upon our Television set or cable operator to watch our favorite TV shows. These days, there are tons of websites out there that allow users to stream TV Shows online. We can even access these sites from our smartphones to enjoy TV shows for free.

Right now, if you search for free TV Shows on Google, you will find tons of websites. However, not every website that provides you with free video content is legal. Some of the sites also ask users to create an account to view the video content. Most of them are there to scam visitors, and they are not legal.

10 Best Sites To Watch Free TV Shows Online

Therefore, to make things easy, we will share a list of the best websites that you can visit to stream TV shows for free. These sites are legal, and there’s no harm in visiting these sites. So, let’s explore the best sites to watch free TV Shows.

1. Tubi


It is one of the best websites from where you can watch tons of TV shows for free. Not just that, but the site also houses movies.

The great thing about Tubi is that it doesn’t ask users to create an account, and you can watch endless hours of video content without any restrictions. The site has a good collection of free TV shows which are worth watching.

2. Yahoo View

Yahoo View

Well, Yahoo View is one of the underrated video sites that you can visit. The site has some extensive sets of free TV shows. On Yahoo View, TV shows are categorized according to their nature, and they cover a vast range of free TV Shows.

Not only that but on Yahoo View, you can also find some popular titles like Ben 10, Powerpuff Girls, etc.

3. Yidio


Well, it’s a link aggregator site that collects the latest movies and TV Shows from other popular portals. The site collects and serves the streamable link in one place.

So, if you cannot figure out where to watch your favorite video, you can visit Yidio. It gives links to third-party sites from where you can watch your preferred video directly.

4. Crackle


It is one of the best and leading video streaming sites to watch TV shows and movies for free. Sony backs the site, and it doesn’t compromise with the video quality.

Talking about the video content, Crackle offers an extensive collection of popular Movies and TV shows that you can watch online.

5. YouTube


Well, YouTube needs no introduction, as everyone knows about it. YouTube could be the best platform to watch movies and TV Shows for free.

If you dig deep into the video streaming platform, then you can find some television shows. However, you can’t get newly released shows because of YouTube’s strict policy, but you will find lots of old TV shows.

6. CW TV


On CW TV, you can watch some of the popular titles like The Flash and Arrow. However, the site automatically removes the old video content after a period of time. Another notable thing about CW TV is that it doesn’t ask users to subscribe or sign up to watch videos.

7. Pluto TV

Pluto TV

Well, if you are searching for a website from where you can watch TV channels, then Pluto TV might be the best site to visit. Pluto TV is a free TV show streaming site that covers a wide range of channels.

You can watch sports, news, daily soaps, etc. on Pluto TV. Pluto TV has the most extensive collection of TV channels, and it covers every category.

8. MXPlayer

MX Player for PCWell, the famous media player app for Android now has its own streaming platform. Most of the content available on MXPlayer was free to watch. It’s also safe to watch videos on MXPlayer.

However, the free version of MXPlayer shows lots of ads in between the video content. You can watch Movies, TV Series, etc., from its website as well.

9. Voot

Voot Tv Shows and Movies

Voot is another excellent free online streaming website on the list. On this site, you can watch your favorite TV Shows, Movies, Kids Shows, etc.

Voot is known for regional content as you can watch lots of content in Hindi, Tamil, Kanada, Bengali, and more.

10. Hotstar

Disney+ Hotstar

Well, Hotstar is the leading subscription-based on-demand over-the-top streaming service owned by Star India. It has both free and premium plans. The free version of Hotstar allows you to watch limited content.

Also, you need to compromise with the ads in the free version of Hotstar. With a Hotstar VIP subscription, you can access all content without any ads.

So, these are the best sites from where you can watch tons of free TV shows. I hope this article helped you! Please share it with your friends also.


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