There was a time when we wished to download something over the internet, and we got it easily. Today, internet sites have made it tricky by adding surveys before downloading.

You click on the button, and the survey launches, and if you complete the survey, you can download the content. What’s worse is that some surveys were fake and just redirect you hundreds of times.

List of 5 Best Survey Bypass Tools/Extensions

If you often deal with these problems, it’s best to use survey bypass tools. Survey bypass tools were available in computer software or web browser extension. All of these tools will help you bypass or block online surveys. Let’s check out.

1. Skip Redirect

Skip Redirect

Online surveys usually redirect you to different sites and ask you to complete a survey. Hence, here a redirect bypasser extension will work.

Skip Redirect is a Chrome extension that blocks all redirects, preventing surveys from redirecting you. Skip Redirect can block almost all surveys that rely on URL redirection.

2. Webmail Ad Blocker

Webmail Ad Blocke

If you often receive emails on your Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, etc., asking you to complete a survey, then Webmail Ad Blocker might be the best pick.

Webmail Ad Blocker is a chrome extension that blocks ads on email platforms. It also removes sponsored links, pop-ups, and survey overlays on email services.

3. Auto Overlay Remover

Auto Overlay Remover

Auto Overlay Remover is another best Chrome extension that can help you eliminate annoying surveys. It blocks all overlays that ask you to complete the survey to unlock the content.

However, Auto Overlay Remover is not a full-fledged solution as it’s effective only against the surveys that show you an overlay.

4. Bypass Survey

Bypass Survey

Bypass Survey is a website that claims to bypass the surveys for free. You just need to open the website and paste the link you want to unlock.

The Bypass Survey site will automatically fetch the URL and remove the objects, scripts, and more. The site may not work on every survey that appears on the internet.

5. ScriptSafe

Best Survey Bypass Tools

ScriptSafe is one of the best bypass survey extensions that you can have on your Chrome browser. The extension works by blocking different scripts present on any web page. Online Surveys are usually a running script, and ScriptSafe blocks them.

So, by blocking the survey scripts, you can easily bypass Survey Bypass Tools or Popups. So, it’s one of the best survey bypass chrome extensions you can use today.

So, these are the best survey bypass tools and extensions you can utilize today. If you want to suggest any other survey bypass tool, let us know in the comments below.


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