Right now we will also find thousands of online publications and blogs competing themselves to serve users first. In this scenario, it can be challenging to stick to any particular tech website.

Therefore, we have shared some of the most trusted tech websites which can help you to keep up with the constant flow of technological updates.

If we look around, we will find that it’s an aura of technological excellence. It’s no doubt that technology played a key role in revolutionizing the world. Each other day, different types of technological devices and products were launched in the marketplace.

On the other hand, we see different kinds of threats popping up. So, the tech section still has a lot to discover, and stay updated on the tech world seems to be the best option now.

10 Best Tech Websites To Stay Updated in 2022

The sites listed below are frequently updated, and they cover the latest news around the digital & security world. So, let’s have a look at 10 best tech websites to visit.

1. Arstechnica

Best Tech Websites

Arstechnica is one of the great tech websites which you can visit today. The site has been around for nearly two decades, and it was frequently updated to cover the latest news and gossips happening in the tech world. Arstechnica also has its own forum which allows users to ask questions regarding hardware modification, operating systems, software, and gaming.

2. Techcrunch

Best Tech Websites

Techcrunch is right now one of the famous and well-established websites which is known for providing quality tech information. You will find latest news, and it also covers reviews on new gadgets. If you are looking for the hands-on review of any device or tech review sites, then TechCrunch is the site that you should visit.

3. Thenextweb

Best Tech Websites

The Next Web is the latest technology blogs and it’s also one of the leading tech websites with more than 7 million monthly visitors. You will find the latest news on apps, software, operating system, product launches on TheNextWeb. Not only that but thenextweb is also known for providing gadget specs and features. So, it’s another best tech website which you should consider.

4. Wired

Best Tech Websites

The reason why Wired.com stands out from all other tech website is that it covers live technical news. Not just that, Wired also specializes in covering future trends of technology. The articles in Wired.com are very detailed, and you might end up visiting it numerous times a day. So, if you are looking for computer technology websites, then you should visit Wired.

5. Cnet

Best Tech Websites

Well, if you are a tech geek, then you will love Cnet for sure. This is one of the oldest and leading tech website that gets millions of visitor every day. The site covers a wide range of news on tech product from Microsoft, Google, Apple, Security, Latest trends, etc. Not just that, but Cnet.com also has a video section from where you can find latest gadget review. So, its one of the best gadgets websites.

6. Engadget

Best Tech Websites

Engadget is one of the best tech websites 2019 which is helping people make informed tech purchasing decisions since 2004. Its one of the oldest and well-established site which is known for its multilingual resource. You will find every gadget related news and specifications on Engadget.com.

7. Tomshardware.com

Best Tech Websites

Tomshardware is entirely focussed on hardware. The site has been around since 1996, and it’s mainly known for its forum section. Tomshardware is a great platform to raise and answer any questions. If your PC is troubling you in any way, you can raise an issue and the community members will give you the most probable fixes in no-time.

8. 9to5Mac

Best Tech Websites

Well, if you are a die-hard fan of Apple products, then you need to bookmark 9To5Mac. The platform is often considered as one of the best and most reliable sources to get Apple-relevant news. The interface of 9To5Mac is very impressive, and it covers more than just Apple products. You can gather information on thousands of accessories that are compatible with the iOS and Mac OSX platforms.

9. Techradar.com

Best Tech Websites

TechRadar is known for its gadget reviews and rating features. The great thing about the TechRadar is that they provide ratings to any gadget after detailed research. So, the results are beneficial to those who are thinking to purchase. If you are looking to buy any new smartphone, then search for it in the TechRadar, and you will be able to make the more correct decision.

10. Digitaltrends

Best Tech Websites

Digtaltrends is one of the oldest and most reliable information technology blogs from where you can read latest tech news. On Digitaltrends, you can gather extensive information on a wide range of products including smartphones, digital cameras, computers, laptops, gaming devices, etc. The platform will motivate you to dive deep into the tech world. So, it’s another best tech website which you can visit in 2019.

11. Tech2


Tech2 is another best tech website on the list which is great to stay updated in 2019. On Tech2, you can read the latest tech news, gadget news, laptops, upcoming technology, etc. Not just that, but Tech2 also covers videos, photos & podcasts related to the latest technology trends. So, Tech2 is definitely the best tech website which you can visit today.

12. Techviral


Well, we have mentioned our name on the list because it deserves to be in the list of best tech websites. On Techviral, we work so hard to provide you latest tech content. Not just that, but we also have social channels to connect with users. Techviral also has a YouTube channel where you can find latest Android tutorials. So, Techviral is another best site which you can visit to stay updated.

13. Gizmodo


Gizmodo is another best and leading tech website on the list which covers technology and gadget news. Not just that, but Gizmodo also has a separate panel for gadget lovers. You can discover lots of Gadget reviews, smartphone reviews on Gizmodo. The site also publishes videos whenever new gadget arrives in the market. So, Gizmodo is another best tech website which you can consider.

14. BusinessInsider


BusinessInsider is one of the best websites which you can visit right now. For those who don’t know, BusinessInsider is one of the leading websites which provides information related to finances, media, tech and other industries. You will also find lots of high-quality videos on the platform explaining about different gadgets and tech trends. So, BusinessInsider is definitely the best tech website to visit.

15. VentureBeat


Venturebeat is another leading tech website on the list from where you can read the latest tech news, gadget news, etc. Not just that, but VentureBeat also have a gaming section where they talk about latest and upcoming games. So, if you are searching for the best tech websites to stay updated, then you need to bookmark VentureBeat.

So, these are some of the best tech websites to stay updated. If you have some other recommendation, then make sure to let us know in the comment box.



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