The tech giant Google extends its services every day to improve the experience of its users, and currently, it allows you to do almost everything; as in Google, you can even find out if your favorite bar is full or not, and not only that even it also allows all its users to use its multiple plugins and Chrome extensions to make all your searches and tasks more productive.

However, apart from all these things, let me tell you that there are some Google search codes that not many users know about, and the fact is that all those secret codes can significantly improve the results of your searches.

We all know that using Google when searching for something is quite limited to typing a series of words or using a voice search.

List of 10 Best Tricks And Codes For Searching Google Like A Pro

But in reality, the tech giant Google has a lot to offer us to perform advanced searches, gain time and get more accurate responses from their robots, as a series of tricks to search Google that should be handled if you want to get exactly what you are looking for. So, now without wasting time, let’s explore the list we have mentioned below.

Explicit Phrase

If you want to search for content related to a concept, it is better to look for the words explicitly, for which you must use double quotes.

Example Search: "inbound marketing"

Exclude Words

If you want to search for content about a specific concept but exclude any result containing a specific term, then you must use the – sign in front of the excluded word.

Example Search: inbound marketing -advertising

This OR That

You only have to use the OR operator between the words to do this.

Example Search: inbound marketing OR advertising

Words in the Text

To do this, you must write the allintext code followed by words or phrases.

Example Search: allintext:Kolkata coffee house

Words in the Text + Title, URL, etc.

If you want to find a website where a term appears in the text of that page and another term in another place, such as the title or URL, write the first term followed by intext: followed immediately for the other term.

Example Search: neil diamond intext:red clothes

Words in the Title

To do this, your search on Google must be preceded by the term allintitle: followed by words or phrases.

Example Search: allintitle:sweet shop

Words in the Title + Text, URL, etc.

Like text or URL: Write that first term followed by intitle: immediately followed by the other term.

Example Search: flu shot intitle:advice

Words in the URL

If you want to search for pages with your search query mentioned in the URL, type allinurl: immediately followed by the word you want.

Example Search: allinurl:techviral blog

How to Search Within a Website

If you want to search for content on a platform that matches a specific phrase or term, you can use Google even if the page does not have an internal search engine. To do this, use the site modifier: followed by the search term.

Example Search: "tutorials"

Related Search

If you want to find new websites with similar content to others you already know, use the related code:

Example Search:

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