Best Uses for Your Old Android Phone
Best Uses for Your Old Android Phone

If you have an old Android device and it’s having no use in your home or office then here are some of the best uses for your old Android Phone that you will surely love to try. So have a look on all these uses in below guide.

[dropcap]H[/dropcap]ave you got any useless old Android phone which you are willing to throw away at the cheapest price you could get or you are not using it for much time? If yes, then you could find this article to be a great sort of text combinations for you because in this article you will come to know about some of the amazing things that you can do with your old Android phone. You won’t be getting any chance to leave your old Android device useless after reading the below article but you shall be getting some great ideas too of using your device in a perfect useable way. Just go and read up the article as it is given below!

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Some of the Best Uses for Your Old Android Phone

Below are some of the best uses of your Android that you can use if you have old Android that is not being used anywhere. So have a look at below guide to proceed.

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#1 Offline GPS

Best Uses for Your Old Android Phone
Best Uses for Your Old Android Phone

You can use your Android device as an offline maps guide for your car as there are so many different offline map apps available for the Android devices. Just download any offline Maps app and download the whole world map for offline inside it, then you can attach your device to the car windshield and hence use up the Maps for the navigation. This will also help to prevent up the data charges, protect you in lower network areas!

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#2 Bike Computer

Best Uses for Your Old Android Phone
Best Uses for Your Old Android Phone

If you are a cyclist going to various different altitudes, places etc then it might be sure that you tend to use various devices to measure your different formats. There are so many related apps for the same work on the Android which could be used in your old device and hence kept as the alternate for all those bike computing devices.

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#3 Surveillance CameraHow To Use IP Webcam As A Surveillance Camera

The camera of the Android device can be easily used as a surveillance camera by using the computer apps and the Android coordination apps for the same purpose. The live video of the area under surveillance would be easily transferred to the connected computer over the same network connection. Read: Turn Your Android Phone Camera As A Surveillance IP Webcam

#4 Multimedia Device

Best Uses for Your Old Android Phone
Best Uses for Your Old Android Phone

You know that the Android devices do support the very basic feature i.e gaming as well as music playing, therefore you can use your any old Android device for the very purpose of gaming or music playing. No other such device can give you so many apps and games for the same purpose so keeping it as the alternative is a great option!

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#5 Ebook Reader

Best Uses for Your Old Android Phone
Best Uses for Your Old Android Phone

As you can open and read the Ebooks or the PDF files on any Android device through using up some apps, therefore, this could be very much helpful in case you wish to use up the Android device as the content reader or documents reader only.

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#6 For any other App

You can keep your old Android device for many other purposes while using any type of available apps. Just choose the right kind of app from the Play Store and then utilize it on your old Android device and hence you may not need to get any additional device for that purpose.

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So, these were the effective things that you could do with your old Android device and hence by applying these practical layouts with your device you won’t need to leave up to your old Android device. These things could help you greatly in some manner, therefore, you could be able to get up the right potential output from your Android device that you was either not going to use anymore. Just choose your best thing that you would like to do up with your old Android Phone and start to enjoy the related function easily.