Best Free VPN For Chrome
Best Free VPN For Chrome

Have a look at 10 best VPN for Google Chrome that will help you access blocked sites, go through the post to know about mentioned extensions.

For PC users, we are here with Top 10 Best VPN For Chrome To Access Blocked Sites. There are different types of securities that are implemented in a server to block some sites like Facebook, Twitter etc., So in this post, I’ll tell you an easy and permanent method to access or bypass blocked sites using Google Chrome VPN extensions that will let you unblock blocked sites. So have a look on these extensions below.

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Top 10 Best VPN For Google Chrome To Access Blocked Sites

Using this VPN extension you can open the sites that are restricted on the wifi or LAN network that your computer being connected. So download and install your favorite extension below.

List Of 10 Best VPN Extension To Bypass Blocked Sites:



This is one of the best google chrome VPN that will let you open the blocked sites in your google chrome browser. You just have to click on the icon in a browser and start exploring any of your favorite sites in google chrome.

Features Of GOM VPN: 

  • Super fast 1000mbit unblocking servers and proxies
  • Zero configuration
  • One-tap activation
  • Use on Android, iPhone, Firefox or Chrome on the same account, without extra charges.

#2 Hola VPN

Hola VPN
Hola VPN

This is one of the best extension and popular among many users. This extension provides lots of servers to select and you can easily switch to any listed country to access blocked sites.

Features Of Hola VPN:

  • FREE and secure VPN.
  • Access websites blocked or censored in your country
  • Hola is a free and ad-free VPN proxy service that provides a faster and more open Internet.

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#3 Browsec


The simple easy and most user-friendly extension is this. You will get four  server list to use in your browser and unblock the block sites.

Features Of Browsec:

  • Visit Facebook and twitter from work, read whatever you want.
  • Privacy. Hide your real location from the sites you visit.
  • Netflix, Hulu, Spotify, Pandora, SoundCloud and so on — music and video services restricted to a few countries are now accessible to you too.

#4 Dot VPN


This is one of the best VPN that  provides access to restricted websites as well as VoIP applications, and its free to use in your google chrome.

Features Of Dot VPN: 

  • Access to all websites, video and audio streaming services, social networks.
  • Optimized VPN network gives you unlimited speed and bandwidth.
  • Encryption with the 4096-bit key is 2 times greater than banking standards.
  • Save up to 30% of your traffic with integrated compression.

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#5 ZenMate


This is another best VPN for your google chrome that will allow you to access the blocked websites in your school or college wifi. ZenMate Security, Privacy & Unblock VPN is the easiest way to stay secure and private online while accessing the content you love. ZenMate Security, Privacy & Unblock VPN is trusted by over 10 million users,

Features Of ZenMate:

  • Encrypts and secures all your browser traffic! ZenMate Security, Privacy & Unblock VPN gives protection for you and your browser
  • Unblock the internet with all its sites and hide your IP by changing your location using our VPN.
  • Experience maximum possible browsing speed and surf the web without limitations for free!.

#6 Breakwall VPN

Breakwall VPN
Breakwall VPN

Breakwall VPN is perhaps the fastest of all VPNs but it’s not completely free, it offers a Free Trial, though, hence, it just makes to this list, as this is one such service whose trial service is too good to be missed.

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#7 Cyberghost VPN-Proxy for Chrome

 Cyberghost VPN-Proxy for Chrome
Cyberghost VPN-Proxy for Chrome

The another best VPN that will let you browse out any of your favorite sites on your blocked wifi network. CyberGhost is a trusted VPN provider, with over 5 million satisfied customers worldwide.

Features Of Cyberghost VPN-Proxy:

  • Encrypted connection protects your browser data with 256-bit AES encryption.
  • Unblock Online content. Local restrictions no longer apply to you.

#8 Unlimited Free VPN

Unlimited Free VPN
Unlimited Free VPN

Unblock any sites, Protect your privacy from hackers and surf anonymously with this free proxy VPN for your google chrome.

Features Of Unlimited Free VPN:

  • Totally Free VPN service forever
  • No credit card
  • No Registration or Logging in is needed
  • No log is saved from no user
  • No ad is presented in the app
  • Simple interface just to connect
  • Simply one tap and connect to VPN

#9 TunnelBear VPN

TunelBear VPN
TunelBear VPN

TunnelBear for Chrome is an incredibly simple browser extension that can help you. You can connect to a lightning fast private network with connections to 20 countries

Features Of TunelBear VPN:

  • Get around blocked websites
  • Reduce websites and advertisers ability to track you
  • Secure your browser on public WiFi
  • Connect to a lightning fast private network with connections to 20 countries
  • Free data every month

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#10 Hotspot Sheild VPN

Hotspot Sheild VPN
Hotspot Sheild VPN

This is one the best VPN that can bypass any blocked sites and also protect your computer from the cyber attacks of attacker over the network.

Features Of Hotspot Sheild VPN:

  • Access blocked websites like Facebook, YouTube, Netflix, & Pandora at school, work, or home
  • Connect with US, Canada, France, Netherlands and Denmark Virtual Locations
  • Secure all browser activity with banking-level encryption on any public or private network without installing any software. Just add the extension and done

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So above is all about Top 10 Best VPN For Chrome To Unblock Block Sites. Embed these VPN in your google chrome and browse out any of favorite sites that are blocked on the network. Also, these provide security and privacy to your browsing. Hope you like the article, do share with others too. Leave a comment below if you have any related queries with this.



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