If you wish to become a programmer who uses coding to make out software, apps, tools, etc., you would love to know that Youtube can help you greatly. Learn coding with the help of Youtube videos and 20 Youtube Channels to Learn Coding Online that will be greatly helped with their cool guides. So have a look at the complete guide below to proceed.

Youtube is one of the most popular online video services where users can find thousands of different videos and then play them or download them on their devices. Youtube’s formation is such that users worldwide can register on Youtube and then make their channel to upload their self-created videos.

Mostly the users mean to make out different types of tutorial videos, unboxing videos, review videos, prank videos, etc., for the channels they have created. Now, if you are using Youtube, then most probably you would look after the entertaining videos only, but in case you feel and use Youtube as the source of learning, then also there are many channels made by professionals for that purpose.

Now, if you wish to become a programmer who uses coding to make out software, apps, tools, etc, then you would love to know that Youtube can help you a lot. Many different channels on Youtube provide content videos that claim to make the users learn the coding languages, and you would also like to learn through these videos. To help you find out the best Youtube channel to learn to code, we have listed the 20 best Youtube channels in this article. Just go and read the article to know about them.

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20 Best Youtube Channels to Learn Coding Online

1. TheNewBoston

With more than 4200 videos related to programming knowledge from basic to advance, this channel tops our list. If you are still not satisfied by the number of videos, it has then check out the followers of this channel that take par at million people connected and registered to this channel. On this channel, you will see videos related to web designing, programming, developing Android, etc.

  • Languages to Learn: Almost all languages

2. Derek Banas

This amazing channel by Derek consists of learning videos regarding programming languages, and the videos he makes for his channels are all one type of video; that is, he explains the whole concepts for the particular coding languages within a single video only. If you don’t want to look at so many videos before getting attached to the language concepts, then do follow this channel on Youtube.

  • Languages to Learn: Java, PHP, C++, HTML, Android, Python, Assembly language, Ruby

3. Learn code.academy

For web designers or those still new to web designing, this channel on Youtube is the ultimate place to learn about any aspect related to Web development languages. This Youtube channel rocks and the users get the genuine perfect knowledge they want!

  • Languages to Learn: HTML, CSS, Deployment Strategies, Server Administration

4. CSS Tricks

The official Youtube channel for the website “CSSTricks.com” is where the content is explained to the users not through text but through the practical way in videos. If you don’t know about this popular website, then let me tell you that on this website, you get to know about various web designing, programming, hacking, etc. tricks. Just go through the channel to know more about its quality content!

  • Languages to Learn: WordPress, Javascript, CSS

5. Programming Knowledge

More than 1000 videos related to the learning of programming on this channel have attracted about 218,000 subscribers throughout the world, which is great. These videos are made by the owner of this channel i.e, Yogesh Patel, in essence, to provide accurate and essential knowledge about the different programming languages to the users.

  • Languages to Learn: All Basic Languages

6. Treehouse

The 332 videos on this channel tend to provide knowledge about the C++ and Python language to the users. These videos try to provide the knowledge or make the users learn things in a quite easy way without any complications or complex strategies.

  • Languages to Learn: PHP, javascript.python, CSS, swift, C++

7. Tuts+ Web Design

Master web designing, Bootstrap, and Layout on Photoshop and Dreamweaver so that you can make responsive websites with amazingly featured layouts. Many other related things you could learn through the short but simple videos on the channel.

  • Languages to Learn: HTML, CSS, Design using Photoshop and Dreamweaver

8. Brad Hussey

Wish to learn about Web development techniques, languages, or codings and tend to make out your web projects like websites, tools, etc, then surf the videos on this channel as you will get to know all about that from the videos available there.

  • Languages to Learn: JavaScript, HTML, PHP, CSS

9. Coder’s Guide

Want to make your responsive website layout but don’t know about the language or the coding that is required for making it? No worries, just head on to this youtube channel, and you shall learn about everything regarding making a website, implementing various techs inside the layout, etc. Overall this channel is great for those who wish to learn about web design!

  • Languages to Learn: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, VisualBasic, Java

10. Adam Khoury

This channel provides users with all sorts of knowledge regarding Web development technologies and languages. The videos are truly made in a great way; hence the users tend to learn things much faster by it!

  • Languages to Learn: HTML, JavaScript, PHP, SQL, CSS

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11. Slide Nerd

Well, everyone talks about programming, and so does this channel, Slide nerd talk about all sort of programming: Android, Java, JavaScript, Python, and soon-to-be-added IOS and Swift programming as well.

  • Languages To Learn: Java, JavaScript, Python, Android, iOS, Swift

12. Level Up Tuts

Level Up Tutorials sets how to help fix a major problem in learning technologies. The lack of in-depth, basic tutorials that teach more than just what to type when. Videos created for Level Up Tutorials are aimed to be accessible and easy to follow while maintaining high production values.

  • Languages To Learn: HTML5, Stylus, CSS, Sass, CMS (WordPress, Drupal, Magento), AngularJS, Meteor

13. Codecourse

Well, if you are a beginner, then you will find this channel very helpful. This channel mainly focuses on PHP. However, it also covers CSS, Sass, Node.js, etc.

  • Languages To Learn: PHP, CSS, Node.js, Laravel and MySQL

14. Google Developers

The Google Developers channel offers lessons, talks, the latest news & best practices. Learn Android, Chrome, Web Development, Polymer, Performance, iOS & more!

15. LearnCode.academy

100% FREE Web Development tutorials, website design tutorials, and more by award-winning teachers. This provides easy-to-follow tutorials, which will be very helpful to beginners.

  • Languages To Learn HTML, CSS, JavaScript, CSS Layouts, Responsive Design, React.js, Node.js, Angular.js, Docker, Dev Ops etc.

16. kudvenkat

kudvenkat is another best YouTube channels consists of learning videos regarding the programming language. The channel covers ASP.net, C#, SQL Server, WCF, JQuery and more. Also, if you are looking to master Microsoft.NET technologies, then you will find kudvenkat very useful.

  • Languages To Learn: C#, SQL Server, AJAX, WCF, JQuery

17. My Code School

Well, if you are looking to master some core concepts of computer programming, then you will find mycodeschool very useful. The channel shows illustrated examples and helpful videos to learn computer programming.

18. DevTips

DevTips is another best YouTube channels from where you can learn to code. The channel is for web designers who want to improve their skills in CSS, HTML5, RWD and more. DevTips also have some interview videos of some well-known developers and web designers.

  • Languages To Learn: CSS, HTML5, RWD and more.

19. LearnWebCode

This channel helps you to improve your coding skills. The channel specializes in WordPress, RWD, HTML, CSS, Javascript, and JQuery tutorials. You can grab lots of web dev resources, advice, and tips by just watching the videos.

  • Languages To Learn: RWD, HTML, CSS, Javascript, and JQuery

20. Quentin Watt

Quentin Watt is a famous YouTuber who now shares a tutorial on modifying WordPress and Joomla templates. However, if you dig deep, you will find lots of tutorials on web design and development. You can learn JQuery, CSS3, PHP, Bootstrap, and HTML 5 by watching the videos.

  • Languages To Learn: JQuery, CSS3, PHP, Bootstrap, HTML 5

So, now you have got up to 20 different Youtube channels that contain wholesome videos related to the knowledge of coding languages, and hence from these videos, you can learn about the basics to advance level things about Coding languages. After checking for these channels, you might subscribe to them, most probably as the quality content of the videos in these channels is amazing!


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