The social media giant Facebook released a lite version of its mobile app in certain markets known as Facebook Lite. However, now it seems that we all must take care with Facebook Lite as it could be stealing your data and installing malicious apps without any authorization.

Beware! Facebook Lite Could Be Stealing Your Data And Installing Malicious Apps

The social media giant Facebook has created Facebook Lite, which is simpler and can be used on less powerful smartphones. Still only available in some markets, but now it seems that Facebook Lite is being used to propagate malware and to install third-party apps without any authorization.

Yes, sounds bit creepy right, but it’s true. The Facebook Lite was the largest social network of the Internet acknowledgment to constant complaints from users on resource consumption. Still only available in some markets, this is the version everyone should use to get their smartphones working properly.

But the fact that it is only available to some who has led to it being used to spread malware. Users who are keen to try out this lighter version are forced to look for the installation file, obtained on the Internet, often from the unreliable websites.

Malwarebytes Lab is now alerting to the existence of a new version of this application, which has nothing to do with the original and has malware in it, which steals information from users (smartphone ID, Android version, MAC address, Phone model, and location) and then sends them to remote servers.

In addition to this information, this malware also performs some actions without the user’s knowledge. The most serious of these is the installation of various applications.

Again, the problem is not with Google and its app store, but with users who choose to install applications from sources they do not know that are not always secure.

The advice given in these cases is always the same. Choose to install applications from the Android store, and in cases where you choose to install apps outside of this store, choose sources that are trusted and that ensure applications have not changed.


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