As we all know that many torrent websites sprang up to fill the popular KickassTorrents niche, just after the arrest of KickassTorrents alleged founder and the apprehending of all KickassTorrents domains. Now, the scammers have take over the popular KickassTorrents ‘Mirror’ which is a scam.

Beware ! Scammers Take Over Popular KickassTorrents Mirror

After the domain KickasscTorrents was suspended, the founder of KAT was also arrest in Poland as he was accused of copyright infringement and money laundering, the domain was released and placed back online as a mirror of the popular site KickasscTorrents, but soon returned to be closed by the authorities. Well, it is now back again and it is a group of swindlers who has done it nothing but simply made it available again.

Here’s how it TorrentFreak says that far from being a complete mirror KickassTorrents site says that it is a fraudulent site. The new owners of the domain would be taking advantage of the fame of the original site to make available to the millions of users who already were using KickassTorrents, a new service that simulates who was staying under that above domain.

However, as you can see, the current site asks users trying to download something, create an account previously. But, this is an account free service, so far everything is fine, but the fact is that when you have to register on the site and create the account, they are redirected to a scam or fraudulent site where users are asked to check and fill their bank details.

It seems that facilitate data of credit card users, which simply allows you to use a free trial of the site. It takes nothing more to say and has nothing to do with this use policy, the original site KickassTorrents and the site is presented in the domain simply looks like the typical web scam.

The truth is that this method is nothing new and we have already seen how other sites try to offer popular services mirrors using this same tactic with the sole purpose of defrauding victims who fall into their networks. However, this is precisely what was happening with the domain, which has been bought by a group of scammers who try to take advantage of the popularity of KickassTorrents and the current confusion about its disappearance.