We all know very well that patents are one of the biggest assets of companies and often the reason they continue to exist over the years. However, now according to the latest reports, the Canadian multinational company, of course, BlackBerry recently sued the social network giant Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram over messaging.

BlackBerry Sues Facebook, Instagram & WhatsApp Over Messaging

Patents are one of the biggest assets of companies and often the reason they continue to exist over the years. These ideas are the reason for many battles between large companies and usually end up in the courts.

The most recent patent infringement case came from the hands of BlackBerry, which accuses the social network giant Facebook of creating Messenger over ideas that are registered.

The Canadian multinational company BlackBerry has long since ceased to be the industry giant that it was. Slowly is regaining its glory, thanks to the new Android-based smartphones that has been launched recently.

One of the BlackBerry’s most popular assets was Messenger, which allowed users to exchange messages and images, regardless of operator networks and without the associated costs, they incur.

It is precisely this network and this service that BlackBerry is accusing the social network giant Facebook of having copied in their latest services. This is also the reason for the court case that has now entered the Federal Court of Los Angeles.

BlackBerry’s pretensions to Facebook

BlackBerry accuses Facebook of having copied several of its patents when creating Messenger. In addition to the basic idea itself, there are elements such as notifications, unread messages and others that have apparently been copied.

“Facebook has created mobile messaging applications that have used BlackBerry innovations, using a host of innovative security features, user interface, and features that have made BlackBerry products so critical and commercial in the first place.”

The process does not seem to limit Facebook’s Messenger, as well as the other services of the largest Internet social network: WhatsApp and Instagram, and their instant messaging services.

Facebook’s response

Naturally, the social network Facebook has rushed to react to this process and to the statements of BlackBerry. According to a social network spokesman, The Canadian multinational company BlackBerry has stopped innovating and is trying to stop the innovation of competing companies.

“The Blackberry process sadly reflects the current state of its messaging business. Having abandoned its innovating efforts, the Blackberry now seeks to impose fees on the innovation of others. We intend to fight.”

This process comes after several years of conversation between BlackBerry and Facebook, which apparently did not succeed. The Canadian multinational company BlackBerry tends to protect its patents firmly and is not the first time it has tried to prevent other companies from using ideas similar to those it has patented.

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